Best Utah sports costumes

Best Utah sports costumes

By: Daniel Olsen

October 19, 2018

(Photo courtesy of SB Nation of the 2009 Utah Jazz team costume party)

There are so many good teams in the state of Utah. Last week Utah State, Utah and BYU football looked like Alabama, Oklahoma and Clemson respectively. Ok maybe the level of competition out west isn’t on the same level as some of the teams put east but the West Coast offense is looking mighty fine along the Wasatch Front. All three teams look to get into a bowl for the first time since 2015. The Aggies can become the first bowl eligible team with a win in Laramie on Saturday.

It’s also time to get ready for the basketball season as all the major sports align in some kind of complex eclipse called October. It’s time to break down the best Halloween costumes by team if you’re feeling more sporty than scary on Hallow’s Eve.

Utah Jazz: Spida Mitchell

It would be sick to wear a Spider-Man costume with a Donovan Mitchell jersey over it. To spice it up with a prop, wrap sticky cottony substance around a Spaulding to create a webbed basketball. Not a bad weapon for someone who gets friendly neighborhood BUCKETS.

Utes: Great Wall of Salt Lake

Wear Ute red with a foam brick wall attached to your body to represent the lines that have helped the Utes win in the trenches. You’ll be the dense to their D and O at the tailgate parties and during the 4th quarter rally at Rice Eccles Stadium.

BYU: Roadrunner

Wear a BYU hat and a feathery blue roadrunner costume because that is what the freshman quarterback Zach Wilson was against Hawaii. The jury is out on whether he can replicate it against tougher teams but for now he can run, he can throw so he’s the way to go!

Utah State: Blue Heart emoji

Seriously this emoji should be changed to a more navy blue because Aggie fans are not “loyal to the royal” like their brothers down south. But with a conveniently named quarterback in Jordan Love who can’t throw up a blue heart for this team? Logan bleeds blue and a person dressed as a blue heart would be well received in trick or treating communities.

Bottom line: Whether you bleed blue, red or Jazz city colors now is the perfect time to rep your team for Halloween while the state is thriving. At least you won’t have to wear paper bags over your faces this holiday season like Browns fans did last year.

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