The Dead Arise, Grizzlies, & Revenge

The Dead Arise, Grizzlies, & Revenge

By Mark Milligan Jr
Nov. 1, 2018

Wow. I had the craziest nightmare last night. (It had to be a dream because nothing like it could happen in real life.) I dreamed that Derrick Rose’s corpse rose from the depths of the NBA graveyard on Halloween night and took revenge on the team that traded for/waved him last season. Crazy, right? Silly. Impossible.

The funny thing is, I don’t remember the real life version of what happened last night. I can only assume that something completely normal and not other-worldly happened. That’s ok. Going 3 of 4 on a road trip is a success by any team’s standards. Besides, D-Rose rising from the grave to drop 50 points on us, there are worse ways to lose a game. From what I remember, Exum actually played very well against him, forcing him to make the most outrageous shots on a consistant basis. Sometimes, the universe has a plan beyond Quin’s control. So be it.

Grizzly Rematch

Speaking of taking revenge, Utah will get a chance to taste it themselves Friday night against a team that, on paper, is quite simply the lesser team. Yet, for some reason (Gasol reasons) they have a way of playing particularly well against the Jazz. In the final matchup of last season, the Grizzlies only lost because they wanted to. Marc Gasol was single-handedly destroying the Jazz. However, much to Gasol’s chagrin, he was pulled for playing too well while they were trying to tank. Fast forward to October 22nd of this season and Memphis handed the Jazz their second loss of the season, fresh off a heartbreaker against Golden State (another game in which a former Jazzman got his revenge with his last-second tip-in.)

Despite having beaten Utah last week, I feel the Grizzlies are in for a rough night tomorrow. The Jazz won’t take them lightly again, they are finally home after a long road trip, and they’re frustrated with their recent loss to Minnesota. Now it’s Utah’s turn for a little sweet revenge. I would almost feel bad for them knowing what they’re about to encounter, except that I’m thirsty for that revenge as well. Get in on it yourself tomorrow, 7:00pm MDT!

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