Road Trip Rankings

Road Trip Rankings

By: Daniel Olsen

November 2, 2018

Sports fanatics are willing to travel hundreds and in some case thousands of miles to see their team play live. This week it’s time to break down each destination as all three FBS schools in the state will be away from home. Let’s face it, they’re not in Kansas anymore which may actually be a good thing. Have you watched Jayhawks football lately?

The candidates are:

1. I’m going to…………………………….. Boise, Idaho

2. The big island of Hawaii

3. The greater Phoenix area

Let’s do this yearbook style:

Biggest Flirt

The biggest flirts have to be from Hawaii. People in Idaho and Arizona know how to party too but it’s hard to top a hula dancer who wears a grass skirt, coconut bra and a lei that gives you ideas. The big island where the Rainbow Warriors play takes home this prize.

The True Aggies of Logan will have no problem handling the flirt game of Hawaii as they are flirting with a Mountain West Championship right now.

Best Friend

You’ve got a friend in Boise. You’ve got a friend in Boise. When everyone’s a potato head they drive miles and miles to that smurf turf field. You remember what the farmer’s daughter says yeah you’ve got a friend in Boise.

Even if BYU loses they can still sing this corny parody while they watch the Toy Story trivia on the trip back to Provo.

The Best Looking

Only the hottest venue can be the best looking and in that case Phoenix, Arizona takes the cake. Whether it’s the sexy Saguaro desert in the south or the fiery Flagstaff up north nowhere is as hot as the Sun Devils.

If the Utes can handle the heat they can stay in the hot tub and in the driver’s seat of the PAC-12 South Division title.

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