USU Football Recap: Fantasy Ending in Fort Collins

USU Football Recap: Fantasy Ending in Fort Collins

By: Daniel Olsen

November 18, 2018 | Image via Boyd’s Bets

USU still wants Bama but after tonight they learned that there is more than one Cinderella at the Royal ball. UCF looks like a team possessed and currently on a 23 game win streak. They are the lone undefeated Group of 5 team and with a recent win streak dating back two seasons maybe it’s time to start thinking they can get Bama and Utah State can at least get the Fiesta Bowl.

The game this weekend wasn’t an easy one. Adverse weather with snow and windy conditions made it a turnover haven. The wild ending was a roller coaster as thrilling as the championship between Georgia and Alabama was last year. In January the talented freshman quarterback Tua Taigovailoa went in for the game manager Jalen Hurts and went from the scapegoat to hero within a few seconds. He turned being sacked for a demoralizing 16 yard loss to a touchdown win in OT.

The emotions among fans recorded on video by their families everywhere was a sight to behold. One minute they are cursing the freshman QB, the next minute they are praising him. The same could be said in the Aggie game.

Being a fan of the Aggies I was listening on the radio app while waiting to watch The Crimes Of Grindelwald. I celebrated in the final minute as we scored a touchdown to go up five. I then held my breath as we missed the two point conversion attempt. I still didn’t think Colorado State could score a touchdown in less than a minute. They kept driving and there was one final play. A Rams receiver toed the right side and made a catch where nobody could reach it. Scott Gerard was dumbfounded on the call. “I can’t believe it. Colorado State is gonna win the football game. Oh boy!” The refs reviewed to make sure this was a valid play but everyone saw that he caught the ball in bounds.

What they didn’t see was what happened seconds before that. The Rams receiver stepped out of bounds seconds before catching the football like an NFL receiver on the high octane Los Angeles Rams. TV reporters who were Colorado homers were saying “Come on man you can’t reverse that on a technicality like that.”

The refs did. The Aggies won 29 to 24 as Matt Wells hurried his players on the bus before they could overturn the call again. I was hysterical in the middle of The Megaplex and then watched Harry Potter in peace. There have never been that many highs and lows and highs again in a game of that magnitude. The Aggies still sit with just the Michigan State loss and are riding a 10 game win streak going into Boise.

The moral of the story is don’t count out a noon game in Fort Collins from being the best game of the season. Even three win Colorado State put a scare into the Aggies and in past years we choked that game. This year we won the game thanks to a ref being well versed in the rules.

Next week will be big, as winner takes all for the Mountain Division. The loser probably goes to the Idaho Potato Bowl. The Aggies only want one trip to Boise. A New Years Six Bowl is the limit, though UCF didn’t do us any favors as they are still undefeated. Even still we could play a decent PAC-12 team in the Vegas Bowl. Utah maybe? That is to be determined.

One thing is for sure: The Golden Aggie carriage turned halfway back into a pumpkin on a snowy Saturday in Colorado but then decided to remain a carriage. The clock hasn’t struck midnight yet for Utah State. The glass slippers are still intact. This ugly win won’t look great to the ranking voters but a win is a win and the Aggies move on to the next one.

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