2018 BYU Cougar Bowl Projections

2018 BYU Cougar Bowl Projections

Image via The Salt Lake Tribune

Best Case Scenario: BYU is going to a bowl game!

Worst Case Scenario: BYU is going to a bowl game.

Most likely scenario: I don’t know if I made myself clear but BYU is going to a freaking bowl game. They have a TV deal and contract with ESPN that gives them a guaranteed slot in a bowl game due to their eligibility. Beggars can’t be choosers and a 6-6 record gives you very few great options as far as money is concerned. As long as it’s good weather and a fun destination it will be a good time and a chance for the young team to get some reps in.

The Hive Sports predicts: Bad Boy Mowers baby! They will play Wake Forest, the same team Utah State plays in their season opener next year. They can play in the stadium where Famous Jameis and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers play football.

ESPN says: See The Hive Sports Prediction. The other guy thinks it’s against MTSU bo-diddly Tech in the First Responder Bowl! Hey, at least it’s in Dallas at the Cotton Bowl. That’s not a bad location at all.

CBS Sports Says: Another Bowl Prediction in the Lone Star State! Not the Cotton, not the Alamo, not the First Responder, THE FRISCO! It’s the Cougar Bowl baby!

Sports Illustrated Says: Old Mountain West Battle with the University who is infamous on YouTube for the worst “Call me Maybe” parody ever.

Bottom Line: BYU achieved a big goal and got back to a bowl! Be loud and be proud! Cougar fans travel well. There is a reason some players liked playing on the road more than home this year. No disrespect to the BYU fans in Utah but Cougar fans around the nation don’t get to see the team as often so when they come nearby it’s a big deal! After going 4-9 and getting back to 6-6 with some big wins (and yes, ugly losses like that one to Northern Illinois) the Cougars are trending in the right direction with a dual threat quarterback that looks promising.

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