Thank you Dwayne Wade

Thank you Dwayne Wade

Dear Dwayne Wade,

While you never played for the Jazz, we have many memories of you. We watched you enter the league in 2003 out of Marquette University. We watched you win a title with Shaq and then back to back Finals trophies with LeBron to match your jersey number in your Larry O’Brien trophy count. In 2013 you exclaimed “My name is 3!” While in a perfect world you could have won many more, it’s only fitting that you won three.

You played for three teams in your career but you were very loyal to Miami for 14 and a half years. Even after you parted ways and went home to Chicago and shortly with King James again in Cleveland, you came back and gave more memories with a playoff buzzer beater!

You’ve played for 3 teams and against all thirty NBA teams. From the Timberwolves by the lakes of Minnesota, to the Memphis Grizzlies by the hills of Tennessee, there’s pride in every American heart for Dwayne Wade, number 3. From the Detroit Pistons down to the Houston Rockets, from the New York Knicks to the LA Lakers, there’s pride for Dwayne Wade and this is what we have to say.

One place that has had many memories for you especially this year is Salt Lake City. Even though you played mostly in the East you made one trip a season to the Wasatch Mountains. You’ve won here and you’ve lost here. Here are your results in Salt Lake City over 16 seasons:

1/15/04 L 97-85

12/06/05 W 100-80

1/04/06 W 100-94

1/13/07 W 119-110

12/03/07 L 110-101

12/03/08 W 93-89

1/11/10 L 118-89

12/08/10 L 111-98

3/02/12 L 99-98

1/14/13 L 104-97

2/08/14 L 94-89

12/12/14 W 100-95

1/09/16 L 98-83

11/17/16 W 85-77

12/30/17 L 104-101

12/12/18 L 111-84

6-10 is your record in Utah but let’s face it. It’s a tough place to play. At least you have a better record here than your friend LeBron does. You often put up great numbers here. From 31 in your rookie season to a respectable 6 points in 19 minutes last night, you have left in on the court in Utah.

This year the farewell tour has brought a lot of jersey exchanges. We’ve seen you bid farewell to your old ally King James and many teams. Just last week you exchanged jerseys with your protege Donovan Mitchell after barely beating the Jazz at home. Last night, you exchanged jerseys with another former Golden Eagle of Marquette University in Jae Crowder.

You’ve laughed, you’ve cried. You’ve won and you’ve lost. However, your road to the finals and the Hall of Fame has gone through Utah. Congratulations Dwayne Wade. Nothing was given. You earned it and you’ve inspired a new generation of Jazz players to earn a date with Larry O’Brien too.

Thank you,

The Hive Sports

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