New Year New Team

New Year New Team

We have all heard the phrase New Year New Me.  It seems to be overused at this time of year when people take on low fat diets and gym memberships that last a month.  However, these same people are willing to point out when others are inconsistent.  In sports people are especially willing to call out their team when they are struggling.  Throughout this Utah Jazz season there have been many fans that have pointed out how the Jazz are almost always losing after every win.

Some say fire Quin Snyder.  Is that really a good idea?  Quin has helped the Jazz improve every year so far.  He seems to have helped the Jazz overachieve which is why he was a Coach of the Year finalist last year.

Others blame it on Donovan Mitchell.  He’s having a sophomore slump.  His shooting percentages are down.  He isn’t what he was last year.  A lot of this is unfair considering how stellar Donovan was in his rookie season.  The sky is the limit for this kid and even Michael Jordan failed against the Bad Boy Pistons before he ultimately succeeded.  There is no shortcut to greatness.

The list goes on.  Ricky Rubio can’t defend fast guards.  Joe Ingles can’t defend a barstool.  Rudy Gobert can’t guard the perimeter.  On and on fans play the blame game but don’t take ownership of their own flaws.

The Jazz have been here before. They were at 19-28 last year.  This year they are 18-20 and have played a very difficult schedule.  The schedule now gets easier.  They play at Cleveland on Friday.  Cleveland has the worst record in the league (8-30).  They then play at Detroit which is another team with a losing record.  8 out of the remaining 14 teams the Jazz play in January are against losing teams.  5 of those 8 games are at home.

What would Aaron Rodgers say?  RELAX!  Aaron Rodgers isn’t in the NFL Playoffs this year but that’s besides the point.  The Jazz seriously look like they might have a little better start than last year.  This is good because they are unlikely to finish the season 29-6 again.  The Jazz are favored to win six out of their next nine.  If they win the games they should win and even pick up an upset or two, 24-23 sounds a lot better than 19-28 through the first 47.

The Jazz proved last year they could turn over a new leaf.  If they play really bad in this next stretch then tank for Zion.  The Jazz won’t do that though.  They will be a winning team once again and then all the Tank Note haters will jump back on the bandwagon.

This year nothing will be given to the Jazz.  They could win 46 games and still miss the playoffs like Denver did last year.  The green jersey they wore on Christmas is currently called the “Earned” edition.  Every team that made the playoffs last season is currently sporting one of these Nike inspired jerseys.

So far the injury bug hasn’t bitten which has been nice. The Jazz will fight and claw their way back to being good.  The jury is still out though on whether good can be good enough.

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