Aggie Coach Craig Smith Injured while crowd surfing

Aggie Coach Craig Smith Injured while crowd surfing

Image via The Salt Lake Tribune

Coach Smith couldn’t get enough basketball even after his Utah State Aggies team was bounced out of the first round of the NCAA tournament. Unfortunately, it resulted in more harm than good.

Craig decided to go to Kansas City to the Midwest Regionals. When asked about why he made the trip, Smith said, “Even though it was bittersweet to lose to Washington in the first round, it doesn’t make the Sweet 16 any less sweet! Washington got the best of us but North Carolina got the best of them. It just shows we are just getting started, but we still have some work to do to get to the next level.”

Smith chanted the winning team chant as the team he picked to win in his bracket pulled it off. Friday was a sweet day for basketball. In the end there were only two teams standing in the Midwest. That’s where things got dicey. Smith was so excited about the Final Four selection Sunday that he jumped into a nearby group of people to crowd surf. Unfortunately the group wasn’t to be trusted as they quickly panicked and got out of the way, dropping Mr. Smith to the floor.

The Aggie coach was sprawled on the ground, clutching his neck. Luckily it wasn’t serious enough to paralyze him, but he will have to wear a neck brace until the start of next season. No worries Aggie fans. Coach Craig Smith still has three more years of crowd surfing eligibility.

When asked why he did it, Smith said, “Well, I could have written ‘Mountain West Champs’ on my chest like Nevada Coach Eric Musselman, but that would have been too much. Instead I want to make crowd surfing a tradition. I’ll be back when football starts. My goal is to crowd surf at homecoming.” There is still no confirmation on whether Mrs. Smith will let him do that.

There is a confirmation, however, that today is April 1st, so disregard everything in this article and learn to appreciate good April Fools journalism when you see it!

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