Mom advice for the Rising Stars of Utah

Mom advice for the Rising Stars of Utah

Where would we be without our mothers? They drove us to soccer practice, put band aids on us when we got hurt and carried us around for 9 months. The teams in the Beehive State could use some motherly advice help them through the trials of competing in their sport. What would they say if they had the chance to talk to some players on each team?

Donovan Mitchell: Eat your veggies

Donovan Mitchell has said that diet has been one of the hardest things to get used to. As a young player he has been able to get away with eating a lot of his favorite dishes such as eggs and bacon. He will need a good mom to put healthy things in front of his plate to help him age gracefully hopefully over the next decade with Utah Jazz.

USU Football: All you need is Love

No Matt Wells? No problem. The Aggies has a three win season with him. They can have a double digit win season again without him if Jordan Love is under center. Like your mom’s favorite Beatles song says, all you need is Love.

Sam Merrill: Get to work and don’t forget your lunch pail

It is almost time for Sam Merrill’s senior season. He had a pretty good junior season which resulted in a Mountain West Conference championship. At times he struggled against good defensive teams that took the ball out of his hands. It will be important for him to be the man especially if his teammate Neemias Queta gets drafted in the NBA. Merrill currently ranks 10th all time in school career points.

If he whistles while he works all summer maybe he can have a very successful senior season like Jaycee Carroll of old who shot thousands of shots in practice before his final year of college. Merrill probably won’t score one thousand points to pass the Aggie goat but he could climb as high as second all time if he has a good consistent senior season. That would put him ahead of Aggie legend Wayne Estes.

Zach Wilson: If you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all.

Zach Wilson had some playful banter with some Ute players on Twitter who were talking trash about beating BYU. It was all fun and games but in the future he might have to bite his tongue if someone really sets him off. He has a target on his back as the quarterback of BYU and a former fan of the University of Utah.

RSL: It’s not whether you win or lose as long as the soccer moms bring treats afterwards.

Real Salt Lake has had a rough year but they did just win a shootout against the Colorado Rapids. They are currently 7th in the MLS Western Conference but hopefully their moms at least brought the Capri Suns and Twinkies for after the game. Just don’t spill it on their minivans!

Utes Football Team: Make sure to get your moms some roses this year

Every beautiful mom deserves a beautiful flower and the red rose takes first in that category. So make it happen for all Utah Utes moms everywhere. Win the PAC-12 and give the Utes their first ever bid to the Rose Bowl!

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