The Corvallis Travel Guide

The Corvallis Travel Guide

This Saturday night Ute fans everywhere can watch their Utah Utes take on the Oregon State Beavers (if they have the PAC-12 Network). Would Corvallis be a fun trip destination though? It may not be as well known as Portland or Seaside, but there are plenty of things to do there if you’re going to the game. Here is a no sweat guide to plan a fun trip around this game.

Step 1: Transportation

If you’re driving from Salt Lake City it is about a 12 and a half hour drive to Corvallis. You’ll want to leave early in this case to have some fun before the game. I’d recommend leaving on Thursday so you can at least spend Friday partying.

However, if you’re flying you could easily fly early Friday morning and make the hour and a half drive to Corvallis. You could even make a stop in Salem along the way to take a look at the state capital.

Step 2: Find a place to sleep

Hotels range from about 100 to 150 dollars a night. If you want to ride the wave of the new generation then you can always find a cheaper home to stay at on AirBNB. You can easily stay for less than 100 dollars per night. Be careful though because some people take better care of their places than others. Make sure to read the reviews beforehand if you take this route.

Step 3: Where to eat

On Friday you’ll want to find a good restaurant to celebrate the night before the big game. Here are some good ones:

Block 15 Brewery: This is a very popular place to eat if you like fast food and beer. Here is a little information about their drinks if you want to know more. It’s also close to the Williamette River so you can enjoy great scenery afterwards as you walk through downtown Corvallis

Castor: This is one of the top rated restaurants in Corvallis as it has an average rating of 4.5 stars. Their southern food and stylish venue would certainly make this a top choice.

Del Alma: This restaurant is a great place if you like Latin American food. It gets 4.7 stars. This would be my personal preference but that is only because I prefer Latin Food if I’m going out to a nice restaurant.

Step 4: Game Day!

Head to Reser stadium early to beat the crowds. There is just over 40,000 seats so it’s similar to Rice Eccles Stadium in size. There are plenty of tailgating opportunities but if you don’t want to eat hot dogs with the rival Beavers then you and your Ute friends then there are plenty of fast food options nearby.

The game is at 6 PM MST so you’ll want to have an early dinner to make sure you get there before the 5 PM Pacific Time kickoff.

Step 5 Cheer loud for a road win for the Utes!

Utah hasn’t lost to Oregon State since 2013 and they haven’t lost on the road since 2012. Past games have been close but if the Utes play like they have been recently it could be a big win!

Oregon State football has struggled recently but they do have passionate fans. Make sure to keep it classy but don’t hesitate to show Corvallis what a passionate fan base the Utah Utes has.

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