Jazz JC Transfer

Jazz JC Transfer

Since Jae Crowder was traded to the Memphis Grizzlies in a package deal for Mike Conley, the Jazz began a search for a “JC Transfer” to provide solid bench production. Crowder was a decent threat from three. He was also a tough guy that would stick up for his teammates no matter what.

The Jazz had somewhat of a rocky start for the high expectations they were given. They were picked to be a Finals contender yet were struggling with inconsistent shooting from Conley and eventually an injury. It was hard to win games when Conley’s 30 million dollar salary wouldn’t be put to use.

Enter the epic trade for Jordan Clarkson. It came at the expense of a legit lottery pick in the draft in Dante Exum. His career as a Jazz man was marred with injuries and the Jazz finally decided to pull the plug. They also gave away some second round draft pick to the Cavs.

Since the trade the Jazz have been winners of 5 straight. JC has averaged 13.4 points per game in those wins. This will help a Jazz team that currently has one of the worst scoring benches in the NBA at just 27.9 points per game (28th place)

Jordan provides good shooting and he has played very well for just barely joining the team. He jumped in for a bit on his first night with the team and found ways to score without knowing all the plays. Since his arrival, the Jazz have flourished in bench points. They had 41 in their win against the Magic on Saturday and have averaged 33.6 points per contest.

This still isn’t great as it only bumps them to the third best bench. However, they only had 20 bench points on Clarkson’s first game on the Jazz against the Warriors, since then, the Jazz have scored over 35 points per game for the reserves. They are now closer to the middle of the pack off the bench. This is fine as the Jazz have a good enough starting 5 to win games as long as the bench can at least maintain pace. Previously the bench was letting teams back into the game but it’s looking like they can no longer do that as the Jazz make their push to the playoffs.

Jordan Clarkson is the answer just like previous acquisitions the Jazz have made midseason. From Kyle Korver to Jae Crowder (who was part of the Clarkson to Cleveland trade) to now Jordan Clarkson the Jazz have found a way to maintain that spark off the bench that they will need for deep playoff runs.

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