BYU Splashes from Deep End

BYU Splashes from Deep End

BYU hit a school record 18 three point shots in their 23 point win over Loyola Marymount University on Thursday night. Let’s take a deep dive on how the Cougars excelled so much from beyond the arc in this special game.

1. Loyola Marymount does not defend the three well:

This is no slight to BYU as most historic nights go against sub par teams. Kobe Bryant once scored 81 points over a hapless Raptors team. LMU has a bottom half 3 point defense as their opponents make an average of 34.3% of their shots from downtown. It’s not the worst in the conference. That belongs to Pepperdine who allows the third highest 3 point percentage in the NCAA at 39.1% so it was still an impressive shooting night as BYU made 17 three point shots against them a couple weeks ago.

2. The bench joined in the action: If you’re going to have a record night like this the bench has to show up. In the previous record against Pepperdine BYU got a solid four three point shots from the guys riding the pine. To beat that record BYU would need 6 three point shots from the bench. The starters can’t make all the shots because they need to rest their cannons of arms. On a night where Yoeli missed all of his shots from downtown, his team was absolutely sensational. It’s time to give some love this Valentine’s Day to the names on the BYU roster who don’t get a lot of love. Shout out to the BYU bench guys.

For a closer look at every three made on the record breaking night, click here!

3. Two words: Alex Barcello

When you’re going to break a team record like this you need at least one guy to go off. That’s exactly what the transfer from the University of Arizona did. He made 6 triples in the game which accounted for a third of the team total. Yes it did take a team effort from guys all the way down to the last three by Evan Troy but without Alex shooting from literally every spot on the court BYU wouldn’t have been able to get the record. He shot from above the break, the angle and his last two threes from both the left and right corners were special. You can tell he puts a lot of work into his craft.

BYU got help from their starters, bench and honestly from LMU’s terrible defense. They shot 40 threes and made almost half of them. BYU only made 7 two point shots and 9 free throws so it was helpful to see the threes go in. They definitely read the scouting report. LMU played them tough early until BYU started exploiting their weak three defense. Had BYU missed their threes this would have been a much closer game. Much credit is deserved but this isn’t the defining game of the season. The Cougars have work to do and nothing would boost their resume more than a win against Gonzaga next Saturday. If BYU can make shots like this against the tough teams then look out!

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