A Q and A with BYU Super Fan: Joe “Walkman” Wheat

A Q and A with BYU Super Fan: Joe “Walkman” Wheat

Ahead of the matchup vs the #2 Gonzaga Bulldogs, we had a conversation with BYU Superfan Joe Wheat to discuss his ritual that has resulted in 2 BYU home victories.

Q: How many miles have you tracked in the last two games?

A: I have walked 10 laps around the Marriott center.

Q:Why did you start doing it?

A: I started doing it during the st Mary’s game because I when BYU was down 8 with 8 to go, I was literally too stressed to watch so I was just trying to calm myself down. In november my friends started joking that I was the bad luck charm, and it’s continued through that game. I when BYU made a run and tied it up, I made the video as kind of a joke for my twitter friends. Then it started going viral and that became my brand.

Q: Have you gotten anyone else to join your walks?

A: My buddy Jason walked with me vs Santa Clara because we were both stressed. No one else joins me because they don’t wanna miss the comeback and I can’t blame them.

Q: Do you miss seeing the game?

A: I do miss seeing the game but to be honest it’s probably for the best because when my stress starts boiling over I get pretty upset.

Q: Do you watch the highlights after the game to see what you missed?

A: Luckily the radio broadcast goes in the concourse so Greg Wrubell gives me all the highlights I need. But of course I look up the highlights after the game

Q: Before you started this did you do a lot of walking?

A: Yes! I’m a super avid hiker. A couple summers ago I hiked 140 miles or so over 3 months.

Q: Have you considered race-walking in the Olympics?

A: Not the Olympics but I am undefeated in Mall fast walk competitions with my 3 year old nephew.

Q: What is your walking goal for the Gonzaga game Saturday? How many laps do you think it will take for BYU to pull off the upset?

A: Ideally BYU will win by 20 and I won’t have to walk at all!

Q: What is your favorite part about BYU?

A: I love the culture at BYU. Provo gets a bad wrap because of the weird dating culture we have and the “holier than thou” reputation that comes with being a church school, but tbh I have never met a group of young adults that is so generally honest, kind, and devoted to the gospel than I have at BYU.

Q: What is your major?

A: Accounting.

The jury is still out on whether BYU’s perfect record when Joe walks will remain perfect after facing a Gonzaga team that so far has only lost one game this season to a good Michigan Wolverines team. If it doesn’t then at least Joe is guaranteed to get his ten thousand steps in for the day!

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