Utah March Madness: 1 Mailman vs 16 G-Time

Utah March Madness: 1 Mailman vs 16 G-Time

1 Karl Malone “The Mailman”

NBA Per Game Stats: 25 points, 10.1 rebounds, 3.6 assists

NBA Career Stats: 36928 points (second in NBA history), 14968 rebounds (8th in NBA history), 5248 assists


2x NBA Most Valuable Player (1997, 1999)

14x NBA All-Star (1988-1998) (2000-2002)

2x NBA All-Star Game MVP: (1989, 1993)

11x All-NBA First-Team (1989-1999)

2x All-NBA Second-Team (1988, 2000)

3x All-NBA Defensive First Team (1997-1999)

NBA All-Defensive Second Team (1988)

NBA All-Rookie First Team (1986)

No. 32 retired by Utah Jazz (also by his college Louisiana Tech)

NBA’s 50th Anniversary All-Time Team

Why vote for him?

As his nickname said, Karl Malone delivered throughout his career just like a mailman delivers letters. He spent his first 18 years with the Jazz and left in his last season after John Stockton retired. While it is hard to say Malone without mentioning John, Malone was just as crucial to his team’s success.

Stockton didn’t ever have anyone as talented Malone so without him maybe the assist numbers aren’t as high. Vote for Karl Malone if you’re a fan of the man who delivered the second most buckets in NBA history.

16 Gordon Hayward “G-Time”

NBA Per game stats: 15.3 points, 4.4 rebounds, 3.5 assists

NBA Career Stats: 9683 points, 2191 assists, 2766 rebounds


NBA All-Star (2017)

Why vote for him?

Hayward is worth mentioning on this list because he did have a successful start to his career in Utah. True, he would be on the G-League of the All-Time Jazz team but he still had one All-Star appearance right before taking his talents to Boston.

Vote for Hayward if you’re a fan of someone who let a grown man give him a wet willy, waited until his contract year to become an All-Star and broke the hearts of Jazz fans……… twice in one day.

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