Utah March Madness 8 Stifle Tower vs 9 D-Will

Utah March Madness 8 Stifle Tower vs 9 D-Will

8 Rudy Gobert “Stifle Tower”

NBA Per Game Stats: 11.7 points, 11 rebounds, 1.4 assists, 2.2 blocks

NBA Career Stats: 5458 points, 5125 rebounds, 1019 blocks


NBA Blocks Leader (2017)

3x NBA All-Defensive First Team (2017-2019)

All-NBA Second Team (2017)

All-NBA Third Team (2019)

2x NBA Defensive Player of The Year (2018, 2019)

NBA All-Star (2020)

Why vote for him?

Rudy Gobert is the two time defensive player of the year and some would say three year because he shut down the entire league when he got the coronavirus. You can count on Rudy to grab the rebounds and stifle his opponents. His long wing span blocks opponents whenever they even think about going inside. Without Rudy the Jazz are just another team. With Rudy they are a contender! Check out the “with Rudy” link above to see just how Rudy helps the Jazz win games they otherwise wouldn’t win.

Vote for Rudy if you’re a fan of Stifle Tower aka Everlasting Gobstopper aka Gobzilla aka the Gobernator aka the French Rejection. Rudy has a lot of nicknames and it is definitely gaining popularity in the Jazz community. They don’t call the home of the Jazz “Swat Lake City” for nothing!

9 Deron Williams “D-Will”

NBA Per Game Stats: 16.3 points, 3.1 rebounds, 8.1 assists

NBA Career Stats: 13804 points, 6819 assists, 2619 rebounds


NBA All-Rookie First Team (2006)

2x All-NBA Second Team (2008, 2010)

3x NBA All-Star (2010-2012)

Why vote for him?

D-Will D-Will, drive you down cross you up like a volcano ready to erupt. Deron Williams is here to say he will beat you any day! Vote for him if you’re a fan of the powder blue nike shoes he sponsored for a short time. He was arguably the best player on the Jazz in their Western Conference Finals run in 2007. He was the third pick in the NBA Draft and a great player for the Jazz in the post Stockton and Malone era.

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