Shortened College Football Series: Utah Utes

Shortened College Football Series: Utah Utes

If college football gets pushed back and we are forced to have a shortened season due to COVID-19, what would an eight game schedule look like? Let’s look at the ideal situation for each of the FBS teams in Utah. Next up: The Utah Utes!

Utah is in a unique situation because although it wouldn’t be hard to schedule the conference games, it will be difficult to decide which non-conference games to cut. They can play five teams in their division, one outside their division and two non-conference games. Let’s take a look at the most ideal schedule for them.

Week 1: vs Montana State

This will be a good warm up game for the Utes. They haven’t lost an FCS game in decades so don’t expect them to any time soon. The last Big Sky team to defeat the Utes was actually the Idaho Vandals back in 1993 when the Utes were still in the WAC. Expect the Utes to win this one by double digits. This would be better for them than Wyoming because we saw that a team like the Cowboys can upset a Power 5 team in Laramie like they did against Missouri last year.

Week 2: vs BYU

Bring out the popcorn. It’s time for the Holy War! The Utes and their fans believe that their 10th straight win is coming. BYU might try to play spoiler but the U has beaten them almost every way imaginable since 2009. Whether is was the blowout, the three BYU missed field goals, the Taysom failed two point conversion or down 20 at halftime, BYU has found ways to lose all the time to the U even though they can beat many other good programs. At this point it seems more mental than physical. As long as the Utes are the mentally tougher team then the physical is not the problem since they play in the PAC-12.

The rest of this schedule once conference play rolls around would look something like this:

Week 3: at Cal

Week 4: BYE

Week 5: at UCLA

Week 6: vs Arizona

Week 7: at Arizona State

Week 8: at Colorado

Week 9: vs USC

Expect the rest of the season to be interesting. Utah will go undefeated once again in the non-conference but don’t expect them to win so many conference games like last year. At best I would say they go 6-2 with losses to USC and maybe Arizona State. At worst they would drop a weird game at Colorado or something like that and drop to 5-3. Cal would be the perfect game because they aren’t the best in the north like Oregon or Washington but they are certainly a lot better draw than Oregon State.

Utah is replacing a large part of their defense, their quarterback and running back. It will be tough but if they grind it out like in year’s past they will be fine! They will at least be bowl eligible if not better than that.

At 6-2 maybe Utah wins the South but I might say USC takes a swing at them this year. Utah has a lot of turnover and USC will want to come locked and reloaded with talent. Even if Utah does win the South it has been hard as of late to compete with the North for a Rose Bowl. Expect to see something cool like a Holiday Bowl or something like that. A lucky 7 win season in a shortened year would be a great cap on the feather for the most successful football program in the state over the last decade.

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