Nickname Basketball Association: The Utah Jazz

Nickname Basketball Association: The Utah Jazz

While we often focus on things like points, rebounds, and assists in the NBA, a good nickname is a unique branding opportunity for players. Let’s take a look at the nickname for the starting five of the Utah Jazz.

The Nickname Scale: We will give a combined score on each of the following five categories.

Each category will be rated on a 1-10 scale:

1. Creativity
2. Branding
3. Talent Level
4. Notoriety of Nickname
5. Length (the shorter the better)

1. Stifle Tower

Rudy Gobert’s defensive prowess has led the Jazz to great heights. This has also led him to a plethora of nicknames:

  1. The Everlasting GOB-Stopper
  2. The French Rejection
  3. Two Time
  4. The most popular of all: The Stifle Tower Rudy’s French heritage combined with his ability to stifle the game plan of opposing offenses has led him to receive a nickname that is the NBA’s Wonder of the World. Move over Eiffel Tower, it’s time for the Stifle Tower to keep stifling with his 7-foot-9-inch wingspan. He isn’t the two time Defensive Player of the Year and first time All-Star for nothing. It will be great to see what he does to help the Jazz. He is also no slouch on offense. Check out his screen assist numbers and NBA record for most dunks in a season.

2. Spida

D32krhCVUAAJcwCSPIDA is the offensive All-Star that is one of the few guys on the Jazz that can get his own shot. He has some cool signature shoes and many color patterns are named after Marvel characters especially ones in the Spider-Man series. He is the hero the Jazz needed after All-Star Gordon Hayward left for the Boston College three years ago. He is your friendly neighborhood @spidadmitchell and you can find his antics under that handle on Twitter and Instagram.

Total Nickname Score: 40


3. Headband Joe

downloadJoe Ingles received this nickname when he had a legendary performance in a win over the Memphis Grizzlies on November 12, 2018. In the heat of the battle Joe got a wound with just over 3 minutes left to go. He wore a headband wrap over his forehead to stop the blood and cover the four stitches so he could finish the game. Joe hit the dagger three with 45 second to go and that essentially sealed the deal for a win. He made sure to point to his headband and it has become a popular gif on Jazz social media. The Grit and Grind wasn’t coming from Memphis that night. It came from Joe Ingles.

Total Nickname Score: 35

4. Triple Bogey

bojan-bogdanovic-shoots-isoBojan Bogdanovic earned this nickname in his first season with the Jazz. This was due to his two spectacular game-winning threes against the Bucks and Rockets. These were both challenging buzzer beaters. While a triple bogey is bad in golf, The Triple Bogey is great if you’re a Utah Jazz fan.

Total Nickname Score: 34

5. Mountain Mike

usa_today_13595498.0Mike Conley was traded to the Jazz in the offseason last year at the same time the Purple Mountain jerseys from the 90s were brought back to Utah. While he has struggled to find his shot at times Jazz fans have hope that he can reach the levels he has been at in his career recently. He looks great in the purple mountain jersey and the nickname just fits. Props to Mountain Mike who was also the NBA HORSE Challenge champion shortly after the season was postponed.

Total Nickname Score: 32

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Featured image via Deseret News.

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