An Open Letter to MLB Players, Coaches and Owners

An Open Letter to MLB Players, Coaches and Owners

by Hannah Begay

Attn: Every Major League Baseball player, coach and owner,

Listen up. We have waited so long for baseball to resume. We’ve suffered months without sports and watched endless reruns of World Series victories and best playoff games. To be blunt: DO NOT RUIN IT! You have the opportunity to spread joy where there has been none. You’ve been back on our TV’s for nearly a week now and already the season is in jeopardy. Clear as day we see players spitting and putting big wads of chew under their lips. In case you didn’t know; the TV picks up EVERYTHING. You think you’ve just gotten away with something but you’re wrong. We see it all.

For those adhering to mask guidelines and rules agreed upon between teams and commissioner Rob Manfred, CHEERS! Good for you. Kudos to you. Those of you who are not, get your act together. Whether you like it or not you have the power to influence fan actions and ways of life. Set an example. There may be no fans in the stadium but there are still hundreds of thousands of young kids and adults looking up to you. You are still their heroes. You might even be the reason that kid smiles today; all because they get to see you play again. Very simply, you have the power to make everyone’s lives better by playing the sport you love, and you are blowing it. If you don’t believe me, look at your sharp stance in regard to Black Lives Matter. There is no doubt you have changed the behavior of some fans. You’ve taken strides by hiring the first female first base coach for the Giants, Alyssa Nakken. You have the power. Get it together.

Owners, you need to be on top of your teams. Derek, you’re my man you always have been, but I don’t understand how you, as a father and as a person, allowed your Marlins to play while waiting for test results. Now there’s no MLB policy on that; they had the right to play. You already had five players positive and you’re a smart man. Put two and two together and everyone knew there would be more positive cases to come. As an owner who is responsible for all of your players, coaches, and staff you have an obligation to keep them safe. I hate to say it, but you let them down and all of your fans down as well. Now there are thirteen positive and I’m sure more positive cases are to come. You have Yankee blood in you! I expected more! Needless to say, you’re not the only owner who has had trouble containing the Coronavirus but c’mon man; You are “The Captain”! With so many Marlins players and staff positive, this could single handedly end the already short season.

I’ve been an MLB fan my whole life; my short 20 years. I have no doubt that this season will not make it 60 games. It started off bad and is certainly going to end worse. We started off with arguments over money; you all literally make millions of dollars a year and there are people without jobs. You all agreed to MLB protocols and to police each other. Please do it. We don’t want to be without baseball again.


Devoted Baseball Fans Everywhere

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