The Hive Sports Football Survival Guide

The Hive Sports Football Survival Guide

by Daniel Olsen | This will be a unique college football season to navigate, especially for Ute and Aggie fans. Even BYU’s season is in peril due to many outbreaks in the first week of school (see Alabama, especially). While Utah colleges and the rest of the Western United States (besides BYU) sit out fall sports, high school football is going on as scheduled in the Beehive State, and fans still have a unique opportunity to watch. Here are some ways fans can survive this fall with a limited amount of football.

1. Check out former college players in the NFL: For more information on this, follow The Hive Sports on social media. Read these previews on the Utes in the NFL on the offense and defense, listen to The Hive Sports Podcast episodes that talk about the fantasy value of Utes in the NFL. While only Aggies and Cougars were ranked in the NFL Top 100, there is plenty of value in having Utes on a favorite team. There are many Ute players in the NFL so it’s only a matter of time before one becomes a star.

2. Play NCAA 14 or Madden: This is something I highly recommend. It’s so fun to play with favorite college teams and experience the atmosphere of the band playing the school fight song. The last game before the NCAA series was discontinued features a Mascot Mashup, where the entire team plays dressed as the team mascot. There plenty of mascots to choose from.

Madden is great for playing with some of the former Utes, Cougars and Aggies on a whole new level. In Madden 21 users will be able to play with rookies who just finished their college seasons last year. Aggie fans can bench Aaron Rodgers and see what Jordan Love can do. Ute fans, see what Zack Moss on the Bills can do as the starter. Cougar fans, see what the Swiss Army Knife (also known as Taysom Hill) can do for Who Dat Nation.

3. Check out the top high school recruits in-state: The Beehive State has quite a bit of talent and other out-of-state schools are taking notice. Some good players will stay in the state, but Oregon seems to be finding great players from the high school team that shares their O logo, the Orem High Tigers. Check out the top 10 prospects of 2021 here.

4. Check out live streams or go to a high school game: Some games are televised nationally such as Bingham vs Corner Canyon this weekend. Catch this game on ESPN at 8 PM MST.

5. Follow the Hive Sports for weekly recaps: Follow The Hive Sports on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to get the latest buzz on sports in the Beehive State and subscribe to The Hive Sports (below) to be notified as new articles are published.

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