Best Utah Jazz moments of 2020 season

Best Utah Jazz moments of 2020 season

by Daniel Olsen | The 2019-2020 regular NBA season started on October 23, 2019. After 312 days, the Utah Jazz season finally ended. Although there were high hopes for this season, there is still plenty to be excited about with this team. Let’s take a look at the 10 biggest moments of this season:

10. Rudy with impressive double-double in win vs Miami

This was statistically Rudy Gobert’s best performance in a win this year; it was his annual 20-rebound game. He also chipped in 16 points and had three blocks. Donovan Mitchell led the team with 26 points and the Utah Jazz beat the Miami Heat 116-101.

9. Utah Jazz end losing streak and Lillard is furious

The Jazz struggled on a five game losing streak, which some blamed on complacency right after Mitchell and Gobert were named All-Stars. The Jazz looked for revenge on the Blazers after losing by 17 in Portland just six days prior. The game went back and forth. Lillard came off an injury and fought to keep his team in the playoff hunt. He had a chance to tie the game but Gobert swatted the shot off the backboard. After the replay Gobert

At this point the Jazz were on a two game losing streak. The Grizzlies had already beaten the Jazz by a point two weeks prior. Bojan erupted for 33 points and helped Mike get some revenge on the team that traded him. It was all love for Memphis as Mike had a pedestrian eight points. It became apparent early on that there were plenty of people among the starters to pick up the slack while Conley became acclimated to the Jazz system.

7. Utah Jazz win 10 straight games:

From December 26th to January 14th, the Jazz were the late Christmas gift that kept on giving. The Jazz definitely showed this year that they were a streaky team. They strung together several wins, but more than one loss led to a losing streak. The Jazz didn’t beat just cupcakes in this stretch. They beat the Blazers, Clippers, Pistons, Bulls, Magic, Pelicans, Knicks, Hornets, Wizards and Nets. Four of those teams (Blazers, Clippers, Magic, Nets) made the NBA Playoffs this year.

6. Utah Jazz stand with NBA on Black Lives Matter

Image via @utahjazz Twitter

This movement didn’t come without sacrifice. However, it became the summer that would salvage the supposed unfixable relationship between Mitchell and Gobert. It was bigger than basketball. It was a time for guys like Mitchell to wear “Say Her Name” on the back of his jersey in honor of Breonna Taylor. The Jazz joined the NBA in boycotting one of their NBA playoff games.

5. Donovan and Rudy play in first All-Star game

Even though they sat on the bench for most of the game, they made their presence felt when they were on the court. Gobert scored 21 points and 11 rebounds in just 19 minutes of action. Mitchell was also on Team Giannis which was once again chosen by none other than the Greek Freak himself.

4. The Conley vs Clippers show

This might have been one of the biggest statement wins of the year for the Jazz. The Clippers, a legit 2020 NBA Finals Contender, lost to the Jazz twice this season. In Mike’s first week, the Jazz were 3-1 going into this game and ended up beating the Clippers with a final score of 110-96. Sure, PG-13 and The Klaw were out but the Jazz still proved that they could beat that team when they won right after Christmas as well.

3. Rudy saves game with block on Mavs

Fans everywhere were pumped about this win. Whether at home, restaurant or a friends house, the Jazz got as pumped about Rudy’s game-saving block was they’d be about a game-winner. Ok, maybe not but it was still really cool! Gobert blocked former Ute, Delon Wright, with 25 seconds left. This prevented the tie and the Jazz would ice the game with free throws and win 112-107.

2. Bogey hits game-winning shots: TWICE

He is near perfect on the Horry scale as he made the two game-winners this year that had every Jazz fan off their feet. One was a corner three to ice the Milwaukee Bucks. They were best team in the East and had the best record in the NBA. The other was an above-the-break three with two defenders draped over him. Bojan is the clutch guy for the Jazz, who could have used him down the stretch in the playoffs. The Jazz will be better if Bojan stays healthy next year.

1. Donovan Mitchell goes for 50 in the playoffs: TWICE

Image via Getty Images

Game 1 was 57 points in a loss but still good for the third most points in a playoff game. He redeemed his 8 second violation after that game. His 51 points in game 4 helped the Jazz eek out a win over the Nuggets. Jamal Murray also had fifty in that game.

Even though we cheated the system a bit, you can’t have one Bogey winner or SPIDA playoff performance without the other of equal or greater value. What are your favorite Jazz memory from this season? Let us know!

Featured image via Salt Lake Tribune.

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