Taysom Hill: The most productive NFL player from the state

Taysom Hill: The most productive NFL player from the state

by Daniel Olsen | If anyone didn’t know that Taysom Hill does basically everything on the New Orleans Saints offense, they knew after week one of the NFL season.

Of the approximately 40 active NFL players to come out of the state of Utah, most of those do their damage on the defensive end. Bobby Wagner is one of the top rated players in the NFL on the defensive end. When it comes to the offensive end, though, none match the productivity of Hill.

By the numbers, Hill was unreal on Sunday afternoon. BYU fan Joe Wheat did the math and mentioned on Twitter that despite just five touches, he was responsible for about a quarter of the team’s offense.

Hill completed his only pass attempt on a trick play for 38 yards. He ran the ball three times for a total gain of 13 yards. Lastly, he caught his only pass for a 14-yard reception. That gave him a total of 65 yards of offense. They don’t call him the “Swiss Army Knife” for nothing.

Compare this to players like his former teammate Jamaal Williams, who had seven carries for 21 yards for Green Bay. It is hard to generate that much offense on five touches, but Hill did it.

Part of the reason Hill produces so much is because he does a little bit of everything. An athlete like him can catch a big pass, make a big run or catch a long throw. It’s tough to complete long passes several times in a row, but Hill has proven he can do this in limited action at quarterback. It will be interesting to see how he does if he is made the starter following the retirement of Drew Brees.

It is tough to say how much of an impact offensive linemen, kickers and defensive players have on their team. Running backs, receivers and quarterbacks are all the ones visibly making touchdown drives. Still, it will be interesting to see if Hill could keep up this productivity with more involvement in the offense.

Featured image via Deseret News.

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