World Series Preview: Baseball’s best Dodgers-Rays set to square-off

World Series Preview: Baseball’s best Dodgers-Rays set to square-off

by Hannah Begay | The Fall Classic has arrived. Set to begin on Tuesday, the Tampa Bay Rays will take on the Los Angeles Dodgers in the fight to the finish and to be crowned World Series champions.

Each battled it out in their respective championship series resulting in the two best teams in baseball set to go head to head. Before we dive into that matchup let us not forget where we’ve come from. We began this unprecedented season with Dr. Anthony Fauci throwing out the first pitch of the Nationals game. It was comparable to Joe Buck calling the postseason games; UGLY. Now he’s busy saving the world so he gets a pass. Then, do recall, Dodgers Joe Kelly pout facing the Astros after striking out Carlos Correa. His kids now wear onesies with “I learned my pout face from my dad” scribed on them. Finally, we have Aroldis Chapman literally pooping his pants like a 4-year-old on the mound. We saw the good ole cheek squeeze after getting an Orioles batter to fly out. There we have it folks, your unprecedented 2020 season!

This World Series matchup is sure to have its crazy moments as well. Mostly it will be a full-on battle to the end between Mookie Betts, Randy Arozarena, Tyler Glasnow and Walker Buehler among others. Both have taken the fork in the road and have not had the easiest trip to the finals.

The Rays Season

The Rays swept the Blue Jays in the Wild Card series with about as much effort as it takes to lift a finger. They faced a greater challenge against the Yankees taking it all the way to Game 5 to win. Things really went south when they faced the Astros. The Rays took an early 3-0 lead in the series; laughing all high and mighty on the mountain. All of the sudden the mountain began to crumble as the Astros came all the way back forcing a Game 7. Such a thing had not been done since the 04’ Red Sox facing the Yankees. Complacent, too comfortable, or whatever it may have been, the Rays came to win in Game 7 defeating the Astros 4-2.

The Dodgers Season

The Dodgers have had quite the adventure as well. They plowed through the Brewers in the Wild Card winning the series 2-0. Then they might as well have waved on the way by to defeat the Padres in the Division Series 3 game to none. Unlike the Rays, the Dodgers were on the opposite end of the Championship Series. The Dodgers came back from behind in the series to defeat the Braves 4-3 to win the series. It came with stellar plays from Mookie Betts in the outfield with a shoelace catch and robbing Freddie Freeman of a home run.

Now both teams are more than capable of completing a sweep of the World Series, there’s no doubt. However, I see this going all seven games. The best two words you could say to a baseball fan are “Game Seven.” The Rays have had the benefit of two days off and a well-rested bullpen. Manager Kevin Cash was not forced to unload every member of the bullpen to beat the Astros leaving their bullpen and pitching staff more rested than the Dodgers. However, the Dodgers have the better bullpen. While the bullpen struggled in the NLCS, they are dominate 7-8 relievers deep for Manager Dave Roberts. Kevin Cash relies on just 3 relievers.


In order for the Rays to win, they must beat Clayton Kershaw, sneak a ball past Mookie Betts and not throw a hittable pitch to Cody Bellinger. I just don’t see that happening. I’m taking the Dodgers in 7 to win the 2020 World Series.

Game 1 begins Tuesday at 8 on Fox.

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