BYU Football: Trick or Treat Special

BYU Football: Trick or Treat Special

by Daniel Olsen | Ever since April, the Cougars and the Hilltoppers have had a fierce rivalry. It was so fierce that there were accusations of bots and cheating. Yes, after more hours spent counting the votes for the Sirius XM Mascot poll than the Presidential election, Cosmo the Cougar was declared the winner over Big Red. Later in the year, when COVID-19 nixed nearly all of BYU’s schedule due to their Power 5 and some other opponents deciding to move to a conference-only schedule.

Now that Halloween is upon us, it’s time to do the trick-or-treat special. We will give you BYU related headlines and decided if they are legit (treats) or just hype (tricks). We hope you will enjoy this Halloween and remember to rise and shout for the Cougars no matter what kind of spooky monster you are.

Zach Wilson can be a Heisman Finalist: Treat

As mentioned in our previous feature on Zach Wilson, we believe Zach Wilson’s rise this year makes him worthy to be considered for one of the four finalists spots to be chosen to attend the Heisman Award Ceremony in New York. You can read more about his standing among top quarterbacks at the time the article was written and continue to track his stats throughout the rest of the season. If that’s not enough, then our Hive Halloween Cyclops can introduce you to something called the eye test. Zach Wilson is possessed by the haunted spirits of Heisman past. Maybe he isn’t putting up Ty Detmer numbers but not many quarterbacks in college football have, let alone BYU. Here is a little candy for your pillowcase. This is a treat.

Zach Wilson can win the Heisman: This is a pie to the face trick. Take those blue goggles off, you crazy Cougar fan. Zach is good, but the Heisman is Trevor Lawrence’s to lose. It would take a monumental collapse by Clemson and other teams with Heisman candidates to propel Wilson to the number one option. Let’s save that high stock for the NFL Draft. He will be one of the top five quarterbacks chosen so he should go now while he is a hot name in college. You never know what can happen in a year so right now is the time to cash in while he is a Heisman finalist.

BYU can make a New Year’s Six Bowl: This is definitely within the realm of possibility. There have been projections from the Cotton to the Fiesta Bowl. BYU can’t get the auto bid that the schools in one of the ten FBS Conferences would. As an independent, they will have to rely on getting votes for one of the at-large bids for the New Year’s Six. This will only happen if they run the table with this easier schedule than past years. Make sure to floss your teeth after picking up this sugary treat.

BYU can make it to the College Football Playoff: That’s enough sugar for you. Take some toilet paper in your trees. This is a trick of the highest order. An Independent can’t make the College Football Playoff. Yes, Clemson plays mostly weak teams in the ACC. They still have the prestige of going undefeated in a Power 5 conference. It might not be fair but that’s just how it is in college football. The playoff system isn’t fair but they are working towards a system that can involve as many deserving candidates as possible. Right now the playoff is four teams but once they put all the New Years Six bowls in the playoff then the Cougar might have a shot. If they can go undefeated or only lose one game in a normal schedule with Power 5 teams, we can have a different conversation.

Tom Holmoe is great at coming up with Halloween Costumes: The PhanTOM of the Opera is near. Whether it’s the genie from Aladdin, Tom Riddle (Voldemort), or the Mad Hatter, the athletic director at BYU is undefeated when it comes to Halloween costumes. Count this as an annual king size treat.

Football players are great at dancing: This is a trick. It’s fun to see the players and even coaches have fun but there is a reason they are on the football field and not Broadway. Save the footwork for the tire drills. If they get too crazy with the dance moves we might need the athletic trainer to treat them for a non-football related injury.

Cosmo is the best mascot in America: The bot conspiracy theories may continue but the fact is Cosmo already beat the Western Kentucky mascot in a verified Sirius XM sports poll on Twitter. His acrobatic moves and pizzazz make him a sweeter treat than a Cougar tail at BYU concession stands.

Bonus: Now that your pillowcase is full of candy and you’ve been tricked, I’ll give you the bonus King Sized treat: my prediction for this Halloween game. BYU is going to win big. They aren’t going to let this be a trap game. They want to be confident heading into Boise. Western Kentucky is struggling at everything Football this season with a 2-4 record. They can’t score enough to keep up with BYU for a game let alone a quarter.

Final Score: BYU 52 Western Kentucky 3

Image Courtesy The Daily Herald

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