Utah Jazz Rumors

Utah Jazz Rumors

by Elmer Mejia| The Utah Jazz have great players and a bright future ahead of them. They have skilled players who can produce at the highest level. They also have a good bench to help out when the team needs them. There is also room for improvement and that is what the Utah Jazz are trying to do over this offseason. Many rumors are out there and here are the most noticeable ones.

Rudy Gobert may Leave Jazz

Clearly, this is huge news for every Utah Jazz fan as Rudy Gobert is an incredible piece to the team. He is arguably one of the best defenders of the NBA. If he left the team, that would be a huge loss for the Jazz. He was a pivotal piece in the bubble and played some incredible basketball.

Moreover, Gobert has one year left in his contract that is worth $25.7 million. If the Jazz do not decide to sign Gobert to a super-max contract extension, he may become a free agent and leave the Jazz with nothing in return. Searching for other players and future draft picks would be an interesting situation, but the Jazz need a player like Gobert to compete and make it to the playoffs.

Potential Players That Could Come

Many of hypotheticals are being put into consideration that could lead them playing for the Jazz. Some rumors say that Gobert may be traded and some new faces can join the team. In those deals, some say that the Utah Jazz may end up getting a number one draft pick if they make a deal with the Timberwolves. Other rumors say that a trade could be done with Sacramento Kings. That deal would bring Harrison Barnes, Justin James, Richaun Holmes, and the number 12 pick in the 2020 NBA Draft.

Indeed, these are just rumors, but need to be aware of by the Utah Jazz fans. Other Celtics players that could be a part of a trade deal for Gobert are Gordon Hayward, Daniel Theis, and three first round picks in the 2020 NBA Draft.

Rudy Gobert is a Big Asset For The Jazz

Undoubtedly, Rudy Gobert is a big asset in the way the Jazz play. He plays a huge role as he can defend and can also score when needed to. Since he will become a free agent next year, plenty of talk is being surrounded around his name. If he does end up leaving, the Utah Jazz need to negotiate a right deal for him as the Jazz will lose an all star player.

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