5A Football State Finals: Orem vs Timpview.

5A Football State Finals: Orem vs Timpview.

by Daniel Olsen | November 22, 2019: The Orem High Tigers once again came out on top as they won their third straight state title. The Timpview Thunderbirds were the ones on the receiving end of a 21-7 defensive masterpiece by one team that fought like tigers that night. Now, there is a Part II to this story and yet another act in the Eye of the Tiger series. Orem faces a dangerous underdog that on paper seems more outmatched than Rocky Balboa.

This isn’t paper.

Let’s take a look at what could happen on the field today:

Orem looking to win four straight games:

While some teams at smaller classifications are looking to avoid playing the best at the higher levels, Orem has not done that. Their only two losses have been to spectacular 6A teams in Skyridge and Lone Peak. While they weren’t close in those games, they shut out a semifinal 6A team in East and rolled through any team in the 5A division or lower. They took a month off due to cancellations caused by the pandemic. They have trampled over Provo, Skyline and Maple Mountain en route to another date with Timpview.

Thunderbirds out for revenge: Timpview still has that sour taste in their mouths and it’s been stinging a little longer because they never got the chance to play their Region 7 rival. They haven’t played the Tigers in football since that disappointing State loss we previously mentioned. They have been quite a Cinderella story in these state playoffs. As the #9 RPI team in 5A, they have defeated the 8, 1 and 4 seed respectively and won all games by double digits. They just shut out Salem Hills 37-0 in the semifinals. They are a very overlooked team. They aren’t ready to be done yet when it comes to being a perennial contender.

Prediction: This is tough because the Thunderbirds have proven they can hang with anybody. However, there’s one team that they haven’t proven they can’t beat: The Orem Tigers. With Oregon commit Kingsley Suamataia protecting the backfield, don’t expect the Tigers to be the ugly stepsisters in the Timpview Cinderella story. I did predict that the Thunderbirds would win their semifinal game. I think this will be another lower scoring battle and a little bit closer than last year. The winner will win by one possession and I predict that Orem will be hoisting their fourth straight state title on the gridiron this afternoon in Eagle Mountain. The clock is striking midnight on Timpview.

Final Score Pick: Orem 28 Timpview 21

Featured Image Courtesy Deseret News

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