Ranking the best Dark Mode jerseys in the state of Utah

Ranking the best Dark Mode jerseys in the state of Utah

by Daniel Olsen | Dark mode is becoming a trend all around the nation but especially in the state of Utah. Several universities have “Blackout” games and the Utah Jazz just unveiled their new fade-to-dark city jerseys. Which current blackout uniform is the best? We will break down our top five.

5. Utah State: The Aggies look best in the blue uniforms. They also look great in white, grey and everything else. The all-black combo just doesn’t do it for me even though I love the Aggies. They didn’t fare so well last year in their blackout game vs BYU. They have been going with the classic Aggie blue and fighting white which is a smart choice. They just need to play worthy of those colors and it will as beautiful as the magical seasons of 2012 and 2018.

Image courtesy Utah State Athletics

4. Weber State: Black with purple trim is next level. The Weber State Wildcats have established themselves as an elite FCS team and these jerseys make them look as elite as the players wearing the Laker blackout jerseys. My only issue is that the dark purple on black can sometimes be hard to see. Other than that, I love this in the lineup closely behind the white and just ahead of the all purple jerseys.

Image courtesy Weber State Athletics

3. BYU: The Cougars don’t roll out these jerseys often but when they do, a Mountain West team is involved. They last wore this combo on November 26, 2016 in a 28-10 win over Utah State. They are set to sport these uniforms next in their season finale against San Diego State. While black isn’t a traditional color in the Cougar jersey lineup, they look great on the football field. The basketball court, on the other hand, could do without them. If you saw the loss vs USC earlier this week, you’ll see the Cougars again lost to the Trojans in their blackout jerseys. The blue lettering is also hard to read so they looked about as well as they played.

Image courtesy BYU Photo

2. Utah: This was tough because the black with red trim is one of the best uniforms in state history. Black and red just go well together and has become a staple in the lineup for the Utes. It doesn’t matter if it’s on the gridiron or the basketball court. The blackout jersey for the Utes is one of the best in Utah and perhaps the western United States. Oregon might want a word but honestly, the clean look of the blackout Utes uniforms is more appealing than the blinding green and yellow jerseys.

Image courtesy Steve C. Wilson | Utahutes.com

1. Utah Jazz: This might be a bit of a recency bias as the new fade-to-dark blackout jerseys are sold out until March for some of the popular Jazz players. They honestly look like the previous city jersey had a makeover. These jerseys are literally fire as they look like flames surrounded by darkness of the moonlit sky. Every die-hard Jazz fan has this jersey at the top of their Christmas wish list and for a good reason. In a money driven league, the Jazz are on the cutting edge of the blackout fashion trend. After a disappointing black and copper jersey two decades ago, the Jazz have stepped up their game with these new threads.

Image courtesy Utah Jazz

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