BYU Football: Are the Cougars a national Football Presence?

BYU Football: Are the Cougars a national Football Presence?

by Rick Istvan | BYU has been written off all year when they were 9-0. At 9-1 they’ve been all but forgotten.

So you’re saying there’s a chance

There are seven possible ways for BYU to make a NY6 Bowl game:

1. Clemson loses one more game or Notre Dame loses two more games

2. One SEC team in the playoff

3. Two-loss Big 12 champion

4. One-loss PAC-12 champion

5. Wisconsin loses one game

6. Cincinnati loses one game

7. No BYU Covid-19 outbreak before San Diego State.

In a perfect world this would be ideal. The only issue is this isn’t a perfect world this is the AP and CFP rankings.

One percent chance

According to the Allstate Playoff Predictor, BYU has less than a one percent chance to make a CFP game as well as win the title. I realize BYU has a loss and they haven’t had the “power schedule,” but how do two teams with two losses have a better chance? The Coastal Carolina game was a good game. BYU literally lost by three feet. A loss is a loss nonetheless, but who’s to say Coastal Carolina isn’t a top tier team as well? According to the Allstate Playoff Predictor, 10-0 Coastal Carolina has a 2.2 percent chance of making the playoffs and less than 1 percent chance of winning a title. However, Texas A&M at 7-1 has a 30 percent chance at making the playoffs. The biggest head-scratcher for me is Ohio State at 5-0 has a 85.3 percent chance to make a playoff game and a 23.5 percent chance of winning a title.

Strength of the Power 5

Call me crazy, but I think it’s biased that the CFP and AP rankings are so schedule based. Imagine if the NFL operated that way. The Patriots of old don’t make the playoffs or get to the Super Bowl because their schedule was “soft.” Hopefully next year BYU will have the opportunity to play their original schedule and get the recognition they deserve. The kicker would be if they make an NY6 Bowl game with an 8-2 record next season because they beat Power 5 teams, over their possible 10-1 record this year. I’m not trying to discredit the Power 5 conferences, but at the same time, I think credit should be given where it’s due.

AP Photo/Rick Bowmer

Wilson for the win

BYU has had a great season. There is a very good chance they are going to finish at 10-1. Whereas this might not be good enough for the CFP or AP that’s ok. Zach Wilson isn’t just #1 on the field, but he’s also number one in the hearts of BYU fans. Wilson is a Heisman candidate and he has played an amazing season. His one loss came from one-yard. If Wilson chooses, he will be playing on Sundays in the NFL next year. Football is a team sport and Wilson has been a team player with BYU. He has done all he can to help the Cougars be successful. The reality is there is only so much you can control and that is what Wilson should focus on. Whether BYU is 9-1 or 1-9 they still have SDSU this week. The Cougars need to focus on what they can control and take out the Aztecs in Provo.

Provo Pride

There is no reason for the Cougars to hang their heads. BYU has had an amazing season and has played phenomenal football. BYU has brought a sense of pride and tradition to the State of Utah. If COVID hadn’t happened, BYU had a schedule that would’ve helped the Cougars show their teeth. This was BYU’s schedule pre-COVID:

  • 09/03 – at Utah
  • 09/12 – Michigan State
  • 09/19 – at Arizona State
  • 09/26 – at Minnesota
  • 10/02 – Utah State
  • 10/10 – Missouri
  • 10/16 – Houston
  • 10/24 – at Northern Illinois
  • 10/31 – OFF
  • 11/06 – at Boise State
  • 11/14 – San Diego State
  • 11/21 – North Alabama
  • 11/28 – at Stanford

This schedule, considering the same outcome, would’ve potentially earned BYU that NY6 Bowl game. However, we can say “What if?” all day but whats done is done. It’s time to move on to SDSU.

Back in Black

The Cougars are bringing their blackout uniforms out of retirement for their final game of the 2020 season against the SDSU Aztecs. What a better way to end this year and this season than to wear the all black uniforms? It’s almost a symbol of the death of this season and the Cougars are the reaper. It’s time to put the Aztecs, this season and 2020 to rest. BYU had a great year, but there is more to come. The Cougars might not have gotten the respect they deserved this year, but their time is coming. The Cougars are on the prowl and when they put those blackout uniforms on, BYU is putting everyone on notice.

Featured image courtesy USA Today

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