Utah Jazz: Preseason Game 2 Overreactions to the win vs the Suns

Utah Jazz: Preseason Game 2 Overreactions to the win vs the Suns

by Daniel Olsen | NBA basketball is being played and it’s just three months since the Jazz were eliminated by the Denver Nuggets in the first round of the playoffs. The preseason is underway and the Jazz started off with their second straight win over the Phoenix Suns. They won by an impressive score of 111-92. It’s only the preseason so it doesn’t count towards the standings. That doesn’t mean we can’t overreact to anything and everything related to the Utah Jazz. Here are a few overreactions that we will rate on a scale of 1-10 where 1 is a casual fan and 10 is like that Jazz die-hard that’s always overreacting on the team Facebook groups.

1. Mike Conley should shoot free throws blindfolded

Mike Conley made all seven of the free throws he attempted. He was the best Jazz player from the charity stripe. Although Bojan also made all seven of his free throws, when has he ever been as clutch as Conley? When the game is on the line, Conley is the guy I want shooting free throws. Conley is so automatic from the line that he should be required to shoot free throws blindfolded for the rest of the season to make things fair. He is a career 82 percent from behind the line but this year he could hit that blindfolded. If his vision is not restricted, he will make over 90 percent of his free throws this year. It is apparent after this second preseason game.

Overreaction Scale: 10

2. Jake Toolson is a bust: Who cares if he wasn’t drafted? Neither were Jeff Hornacek and Joe Ingles. Did they score 0 points in a preseason game? I think not. If you’re good enough to play in the NBA you should be able to make a shot as an undrafted free agent. While Toolson’s dad is a Jazz legend, he is not. He only put up one shot attempt. He did have two personal fouls so if that’s a requirement to be in the NBA, then good for him. He should go back to the UVU Wolverines where he played last year.

Overreaction Scale: 9

3. Joe Ingles ended a man’s career: After the Toby Flenderson doppelgänger faked Damian Jones into next week, Ingles redeemed himself from last game’s overreaction. Yes he is still a bad basketball player but in this game, bad is good. Ingles is a bad man and he’s the type of math teacher that gives long division problems to seven year olds. He literally destroyed a man. What did Jones ever do to deserve getting wrecked so bad by an old man like Ingles?

Overreaction Scale: 6

4. Donovan Mitchell is the best dunker since Vince Carter: Technically this isn’t much of an overreaction since Mitchell wore a Vince Carter jersey when he won the 2018 NBA Dunk Contest and once again proclaimed “It’s over!” following a tribute dunk to Vinsanity. In this game, he got his defender off balance and went in for the signature hammer dunk. Mitchell hasn’t slammed a dunk that hard since he was in the dunk contest. He definitely stole the highlight reel in his dunking clinic vs Phoenix.

Overreaction Scale: 5

5. The Jazz are winning the NBA finals: After two preseason games, the Jazz are second in point differential in the NBA. They have outscored opponents by 16.5 points per game. Only the New Orleans Pelicans are doing better as they outscored their opponent by 22 points after one game. That number is likely go down while the Jazz are likely to increase to a differential of over 20 per game. Count on the Jazz to continue to pummel teams en route to that Larry O’Brien Trophy. If we don’t have this attitude then why would the players put on the jersey?

Overreaction Scale: 1

Until next week, be sure to follow us on social media and keep the overreactions coming in our mentions. Go Jazz: NBA Title or bust!

Featured image courtesy Jeffrey Swinger | USA TODAY Sports

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