High School Basketball: Olympus is the best in 5A so far

High School Basketball: Olympus is the best in 5A so far

by Daniel Olsen

High school football is long done and we are now in the thick of basketball season. We saw some dominant teams on the gridiron. Sky View, Corner Canyon and Beaver all had undefeated seasons while Orem and Juab had impressive state title runs as well. While these schools are the best at football, what schools are dominating the basketball court? Let’s look at some of the top teams so far in 5A.

Olympus has not fallen

Since beating Skyline the Battle for The Rock to keep it green in football, Olympus hasn’t skipped a beat in any of their athletic programs. Yes, they were upset by Timpview in the playoffs but that was a tough team that made it all the way to the state championship.

In hoops, their only losses have been to 6A teams Bingham and Pleasant Grove. One need only read our 6A article to know how good Pleasant Grove is. Other than that, the Titans have played well against the teams in front of them. They have beaten teams on their level and crushed smaller teams. Their most dominating win of the season was on December 28, 2020. The Titans beat the Miners 89-49. The Miners would host and beat the rival of Olympus the next day. While I don’t expect a total beating in a rivalry game, I do think Olympus will continue to dominate.

How will they dominate? Let’s take a look at their point differential. They are winning by an average of 14.36 points per game. Their leading score is by far 6’8” junior Jack Wistrcill. He is putting up just over 19 points per game which is good for the sixth most in 5A. He is also pulling down 6.2 boards which puts him in the top 15. His presence definitely gives Olympus a great chance to win every game.

Other contenders

While there are no unbeaten teams like there are in 6A, 5A still boasts several top contenders whose losses were mostly to 6A teams. The Bonneville Lakers lead Region 5 with a 7-3 record. Their only losses were to two 6A teams (Northridge and Fremont) and a scrappy 4A team in the Logan High Grizzlies.

Timpview leads Region 7 with a win column to match it at 7-3. Sure they lost to Wasatch Academy but who hasn’t? They play by a different set of rules so the fact that the Thunderbirds were able to hang with that team and only lose by five points speaks volumes. They were also humbled by Corner Canyon and Pleasant Grove in double digit losses but those are tough 6A teams. On their best day I would pick Timpview to win it all but as of now I still favor Olympus. On the gridiron Timpview has proven they are better but on the basketball court there are some teams that can compete with them.

Sleeper Pick

While there hasn’t been a dominant team in Region 8, I still like Maple Mountain. They seem to either win big or lose big most of this season. While they don’t have any high scorers on their team, they are at their best when they defend and play as a cohesive unit. Cooper Littledike and Owen Blakey are their two double digit scorers. They don’t have a lot of height as most of their taller players are listed around 6’3” but they can make up for it if they execute their plays to perfection. They are undefeated in Region 8 play so they could make a run if they get a good seed in the playoffs.

The season is young and there are other teams that could still make a run at their respective region titles but for now, these are the teams I think can win and continue to perform when the state playoffs get underway in a little over a month.

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Photo © Trent Michie, Holladay Journal

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