High School Hoops: Defense leads Davis to 6A Championship

High School Hoops: Defense leads Davis to 6A Championship

by Daniel Olsen

Defense wins championships. Such is the old adage. Such was the case as the Davis Darts kept the number one offense in the state in check with a 60-55 win over the top seed Westlake Thunder. The celebration for the 6A champions was on in the first title game this postseason to be played in Salt Lake Community College.

Defense wasn’t a problem for the seven seed Darts as they are one of the best teams in the state on that end. However, when they needed a Dart to hit the bulls eye, Chance Trujillo did just that. He connected on five shots from beyond the arc en route to 19 points on the game. For that, he deserves the game ball.

Davis jumped out in front early with a 18-10 lead. While they never really distanced themselves, they kept the Thunder at an arm’s length. They again led by eight at halftime with a 31-23 lead. There was still plenty of time left but Davis had made their statement early.

The third quarter was the only one in which the Darts were outscored by the Thunder as Westlake took a 14-11 advantage in that frame. It was anyone’s game at that point. The Darts were seeking their first title since 2002. Westlake had just earned their first championship appearance in school history with a win over American Fork two days prior.

In the last quarter, the Thunder made valiant attempts to narrow the gap. It still became more apparent as the clock ticked that Davis would be taking home the trophy. They matched each other bucket for bucket as they both had 18 points in the final quarter. While neither team shot great in the game overall, it was the defense by the Darts that led to just enough buckets to take home the trophy.

The Darts have had plenty of close calls over the years but can now call themselves the 6A champions. Generations of Davis High students were ecstatic to see the final score at the game and will be able to tell their children and grandchildren about this moment one day.

Other Darts players of note were Rex Sunderland, Colby Sims and Max Painter. Sunderland and Sims both joined Trujillo in double figures with 14 points each. Painter recorded a team high seven rebounds. On the Thunder side, Willy Jensen led the team with 16 points.

“To be honest, our whole group, we’ve been sick of hearing about the Region 4 teams and all that,” Sunderland told the Deseret News. “We’ve had a chip on our shoulder. Everybody’s sleeping on Region 1, and we came out here and proved it.”

While Utah and Salt Lake County tend to dominate the football scene, Davis County is starting to show their dominance in hoops. Make sure to read up on how Farmington did in the 5A championship.

Featured image courtesy Jeffrey D. Allred, Deseret News

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