Game Preview: Jazz vs Pacers

Game Preview: Jazz vs Pacers

by Elmer Mejia

The Utah Jazz will be facing the Indiana Pacers this Friday afternoon. It will be an interesting match as the Pacers are a good team but have been struggling with injuries from key players. Nevertheless, the Jazz need the win so they can keep their spot at the top of the Western Conference standings. Here’s a preview of what to expect from this great game.

Jazz Facing a Good Pacers Team

Despite having a losing record, the Pacers are a good team with a great roster on their hands. The Jazz will be tested and this should be a great matchup. The Jazz come off a win over the Oklahoma City Thunder on Tuesday night. The Pacers beat the Houston Rockets on a road game on Wednesday night.

Bojan Bogdanovic scored 23 points in 36 minutes of playing time to lead the Jazz in the last game. Donovan Mitchell added 22 points and he’s been very consistent throughout the season. On the other hand, the Pacers now have Caris LeVert fully healthy, and he’s become a great asset to the Pacers organization. He’s the key player that Jazz need to shut down along with big man Domantas Sabonis. Malcolm Brogdon is back from missing some games and he’s also another threat the Jazz need to shut down.

Need To Win

The Jazz need to win to keep their spot at the top of the Western Conference. They are being chased by the Phoenix Suns who are one game behind the Jazz. It is important that the Jazz win and keep their spot at the top. When the playoffs come, it would be great to have home court advantage throughout the whole playoffs.

A win will also keep showing the critics that the Jazz are a legitimate contender for the championship. The Jazz have everything a winning team needs. That is why they must continue to win and show everyone why they are at the top of the league thus far. It will be a great match up between Rudy Gobert and Domantas Sabonis. It is well known that Gobert is an elite defender. We will see if he can stop Sabonis on Friday afternoon.

The Jazz must win since it is a home game and there are plenty of teams that are right behind them if they slip up. Those teams are the Phoenix Suns and the Los Angeles Clippers.

Early Game Time

The Jazz will be playing at an early time this Friday. The match will be at 1 PM local time. This will be a great matchup and it will be a chance for the Jazz to display their skills against a good team.

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