Utah Jazz: Three Ways to present the Defensive Player of the Year to Rudy

Utah Jazz: Three Ways to present the Defensive Player of the Year to Rudy

by Daniel Olsen

This is a year that many NBA Awards are being announced creatively. Julius Randle was presented the award at Madison Square Garden by his som. Joe Ingles surprised Jordan Clarkson by handing him the award while they were both being interviewed. All was presented under the spotlight of TNT. The question now is how should the Defensive Player of the Award be presented to Utah Jazz center Rudy Gobert? It’s time to come up with some creative ideas.

1. Ben Simmons admits he was wrong

Anyone who has read up on the race for this award will remember how Ben Simmons campaigned for yet another NBA Award over a Jazz player. He felt the need to do so in the Rookie of the Year race against Donovan Mitchell despite not being from the same draft class.

Simmons would never do this unless there was some serious bribery or blackmail going on. If he refuses, then Gobert should go to his house and paint “Rim Protectors Rule” on his fence. Simmons used the argument that he guards all five positions while Rudy just protects the paint. That would be fine if the stats didn’t show Rudy was having one of the best defensive seasons of all time.

2. The Jazz build a statue of him

There definitely needs to be a statue of Gobert some day. This is especially true for when the Jazz win their first NBA Championship. Known as one of the best French basketball players in history, this statue should be one of him standing by a seven foot replica of the Eiffel Tower.

His nickname “Stifle Tower” should be emblazoned on his chest. He could have some funny props like a box of French fries or a water cup that he is slapping out of mid-air. This is a fun idea that could be made in jest. It shouldn’t necessarily be placed outside Vivint Arena.

3. His mom calls to announce the award

It is clear that Gobert and his mom had a special connection. She raised him by herself growing up. This single-mom raised Gobert to be a talented basketball player. When he didn’t make the All-Star game a couple years ago, Gobert broke down in tears because he was looking forward to breaking the news to his mom.

This isn’t his first rodeo. Gobert has won the award twice already. However, in a year where everyone is receiving the award in a creative way, it is only fitting that the person Gobert cares about most gives him the award. It may be too similar to the way Randle received his award. It would still be a sweet sentiment.

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Featured image courtesy NBA.com

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