Utah Jazz: NBA Draft Trade Rumors

Utah Jazz: NBA Draft Trade Rumors

by Griffin Gamble

This is going to be a couple of very exciting days leading up to the 2021 NBA Draft on Thursday. There is rumored to be a lot more trade talk happening among teams this year than in previous years. The Utah Jazz hold the 30th pick in this years draft. There are a few options they could explore.

Option 1: Best available pick

The Jazz could take the best available player at 30. Whether that be Ayo Dosunmu, Na’Shon Hyland, Josh Christopher, or any other good late first round talent left, the Jazz could go this route. This may be the most probable but not the kind of splash Jazz fans might want to see in an attempt to win a title.

Option 2: Trade up or down

Another option the Jazz have is to trade up or down in the NBA Draft. Trading up can usually be a challenging thing to do as most teams have their eye on a guy or two they would like to take. For example, the Thunder were looking to trade up to the number one pick in the previous draft. They even offered young star Shia Gilgeous-Alexander in the deal. The Pistons declined because trading for the number one pick is challenging. This example can put in perspective how difficult it really can be to trade up.

On the other hand, trading down is relatively easy to do. If the Jazz have a few guys they like that could possibly be available later in the draft, moving down is the best option. They could gain some valuable future assets by trading the 30th pick for a package of second round picks as the Jazz don’t have one this year due to past negotiations. This also can allow the Jazz to take a risk on talent later in the draft without having to spend much financially.

Option 3: Trade for the future

If the Jazz don’t feel like they want a pick at all in the 2021 NBA Draft, they can completely look towards the future. This is very unlikely as the Jazz are in “win now” mode and want to build a contending team around Donovan Mitchell. However, the Jazz do not have many picks in future years. They owe both first and second-round picks in future years to different teams. Not having assets in the future can make it difficult to pull off different trades in the future. It isn’t the most exciting thing, but having future assets could be valuable if the Jazz want to entice a team with a trade package involving picks in the future.

Option 4: Trade picks and players

The final option to watch for is packaging the 30th pick along with a current guy on the roster to look for some roster needs. This can be done for multiple reasons: getting a player that fits the scheme, clearing a roster spot, or taking what they get from that trade and using it in a future deal. It doesn’t have to happen on draft night. The Jazz could have a deal lined up with another team and be making the pick for them at 30. The Jazz could also take the best available at 30 regardless of fit and shop that player around this offseason.

Trade Rumors

There have been interesting rumors suggesting the Jazz are open to trading Bojan Bogdanovic, Joe Ingles, or even Royce O’Neale. This would be in hopes to create some cap space for All-Star guard Mike Conley to re-sign in free agency. One interesting trade that NBA Analysis Network rumored is a potential deal between the Jazz and Knicks. The Knicks would receive Bodganovic in exchange for Kevin Knox II, and picks 19 and 32 in this years draft. These are just rumors and the media rarely can get insider information unless it is Adrian Wojnarowski or Shams Charania.

Thursday night for the Utah Jazz should be pretty intriguing. The Jazz have a decision to make whether it be the right player to pick in the first round, or a trade package for the right assets to help them win their first championship in franchise history.

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