USU Football: Jimmy Kimmel LA Bowl Preview

USU Football: Jimmy Kimmel LA Bowl Preview

by Max Jeppesen

After defeating San Diego State in the Mountain West Championship game, Utah State finds itself back in Los Angeles to face the Oregon State Beavers in the Jimmy Kimmel LA Bowl.

If you have been out of the loop in the last few days, you probably have missed the Aggies in the spotlight. So let’s catch you up in some of the key highlights: 

Head Coach Blake Anderson spoke with the media to discuss the preparation to face the Beavers.

Anderson discussed the importance of keeping up the momentum following their championship victory. He gave Oregon State high praise, calling the Beavers a “physical” team comparable to the likes of Washington State, BYU, Boise State, and San Diego State. They will be a formidable opponent. However, Utah State has embraced the role of the underdog and is ready for the challenge.

This would be the last time having practiced in Logan for the senior class. The rest of the players gathered together to literally “carry” them off the field after practice. A great message of unity and camaraderie filled the team.

On Tuesday, the team landed in LA!

What’s better than taking the whole squad out to Universal Studios?

Following Wednesday’s practice, the team headed over to Universal Studios.

That night, the Aggies give their one-liners on the Jimmy Kimmel show. 

Star Quarterback Logan Bonner and wide receiver Savon Scarver and others had their chance to crack some jokes on live television. Jimmy Kimmel brought up an interesting point. Will Utah State get a visit from Mitt Romney if the Aggies pull of a win?

It was an eventful week for the Aggies! Now that you are caught up, hopefully you are just as excited as the rest of Aggie fans.

Stay tuned for the coverage of Utah State’s recruiting, a recap of the LA Bowl, and much more.

Featured image courtesy Kyusung Gong, Associated Press

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