Five Fast Facts about Salt Lake City Figure Skater Nathan Chen

Five Fast Facts about Salt Lake City Figure Skater Nathan Chen

by Hannah Begay

If you’ve watched Nathan Chen before, you know him as the “Quad King”. If you’ve never watched figure skating a day in your life, you’ll find yourself rooting for him. Here are five fun facts about Chen to help fans get to know this talented Olympian:

1. Chen failed to Medal in Pyeongchang

Chens performance in 2018 was not what was expected of him. With miscues in his short program, he fell to number 17 overall. Chen would describe his performance as “terrible”. He would continue to bounce back and push himself to fifth place by landing six unprecedented quadruples.

2. Three-Peat as World Champ

After unfortunate miscues and coming home with a Bronze for his team effort, Chen went on to win 3 World Championships in 2018, 2019 and 2021 (2020 was canceled due to COVID-19). His winning streak would be snapped when he finished third in October but that wouldn’t stop him. He went on a winning triad, taking home another World Championship (2022).

3. Olympic Berth Locked

At only 22 years old, Nathan Chen secured his Olympic spot by winning his sixth consecutive National Championship. He put on a show despite falling in his free skate. He would set a new national record for a short program by scoring a 115.39 at nationals. Chen didn’t need to win to lock his spot on the team, but the win didn’t hurt.

4. Music Man

Music and choreography play a huge roll in any skating competition. Chen has dabbled at many instruments throughout his life, including the piano and guitar. Via NBC Chicago, Chen explained his love of music:

“Music has definitely played a big role in my life,” Chen said. “Obviously, as a skater we’re skating to music, so being able to be comfortable with music and truly enjoy it, I think, is key for figure skaters. Music has been really helpful in getting me the right mindset and being able to calm me down and being able to just give me a sense of peace when I’m either preparing to compete or just at home and not really doing too much.”

5. Nathan Chen is a Gold Medal Contender

Not many have what it takes to compete at the level that Chen does. He’s won multiple World Championships and beaten his own records. What can this kid not do? After failing in 2018 to medal in individuals, the stage is set for Chen to take home the gold medal. He certainly has the talent and mindset to win. The USA already won silver in the team event with Chen’s help to start the Olympic Games last week. Individual compeitiion begins on February 8, 2022. Tune in to cheer on the Salt Lake City kid.

Featured image courtesy Natacha Pisarenko, Associated Press

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