Daily Dribble: Historic night for Clarkson leads Jazz over Kings

Daily Dribble: Historic night for Clarkson leads Jazz over Kings

by Kimya Oliver

The Utah Jazz defeated the Sacramento Kings 134-125.

The Crossover: Utah Jazz by the Numbers

Donovan Mitchell drove in for the floating jump shot to start the offense for the Jazz. The Kings opened the first quarter on a 17-11 run.

The Jazz hit back-to-back three-pointers to cut the deficit to one point. The Jazz did not allow the Kings to gain any offensive momentum and the first quarter ended with the Jazz trailing 42-37.

Rudy Gay pulled up from mid-range to sink the jump shot to start the second quarter. The Jazz started to get careless with the ball. Jared Butler committed a turnover due to a careless pass which allowed the Kings to get an easy fast break layup at the other end.

With less than two minutes left on the clock, Jordan Clarkson made back-to-back shots from beyond the arc to give the Jazz a five-point lead. The second quarter ended with the Jazz leading 71-67.

The Kings opened the third quarter hot by making a three-pointer, but that did not affect the Jazz offense. The Jazz opened the quarter up on a 10-7 run. The Kings could not contain Clarkson’s toughness inside the paint.

Clarkson drove to the basket for the tough layup with 4:20 on the clock. With 10 seconds left in the quarter, Hassan Whiteside grabbed the defensive rebound and gave a lead pass to Butler for the pull-up jumper over his defender to beat the buzzer. The third quarter ended with the Jazz leading 100-88.

Traveling: Jazz back to winning ways at home

Clarkson missed a shot from beyond the arc, but Gay cleaned up the mess with the offensive rebound and putback jump shot. The King’s defense was not strong enough to contain Jordan Clarkson and the Jazz.

The Daily Double-Double

Clarkson finished with an astonishing 45 points which is the most in Jazz history for any bench player. Bojan Bogdanovic ended with 26 points and Mitchell ended with 25 points. In Gobert’s absence, Whiteside recorded the lone double-double with 12 points and 21 rebounds.

Bounce Pass: Up Next

The Jazz will be facing the Milwaukee Bucks on March 14 at 8 p.m. MST.

Featured image courtesy Mengshin Lin, Deseret News

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