Daily Dribble: Utah Jazz fall to Dallas Mavericks in Fourth Consecutive Loss

Daily Dribble: Utah Jazz fall to Dallas Mavericks in Fourth Consecutive Loss

by Kimya Oliver

The Utah Jazz fell short once again to the Dallas Mavericks by a final score of 114-100.

The Crossover: Utah Jazz by the Numbers

Mike Conley made a pass to Eric Paschall for a shot beyond the arc to start the first quarter. The game started off close until the Jazz got a little deficient, finding themselves in a 17-11 deficit with 5:30 left in the quarter. Juancho Hernangomez gave a pass beyond the arc to Jordan Clarkson. The first quarter ended with the Jazz leading 29-21.

Conley drove to the basket for the layup to open the second quarter. The Jazz kept their lead until the final few minutes of the first half. The Mavericks went on a 12-5 run to cut the deficit to one point at the close of the first half.

This was a tough game for Donovan Mitchell. To open the third quarter, Mitchell hit a jump shot. Once Mitchell got hurt, things began to go downhill. The Mavericks gained an 11 point lead halfway through the quarter. The Jazz could not score off a regular shot in the final two minutes and finished the third quarter trailing 90-79.

The Jazz came out slow to begin the final quarter to play, not scoring until nearly the ten-minute mark. The Mavericks continued to push the ball offensively for the remainder of the game.

The Daily Double-Double

While Rudy Gobert wasn’t in the lineup for his usual double-double, several other players got close. Rudy Gay had 18 points and eight rebounds while Juancho Hernangomez had seven points and nine rebounds.

Kimya’s Take

The first half was solid for the first half for the Jazz, especially the three turnovers. I feel that is where a team can capitalize and run up the score. Easy fast break points are a game-changer. They can flip not only the momentum in a game but the overall score. The Jazz executed best when moving the ball around.

The only thing that hurt the Jazz was the points off of turnovers. The Mavericks had a total of 19 points and the Jazz only had eight points. Again, getting those easy buckets can benefit a team at the end of the game when the score is close. 

After the first half, things began to shift. Opening the third quarter, the Jazz allowed the Mavericks to go on an 8-0 run. Yes, runs can happen, but when a team allows another team to open a quarter on a run, it’s going to have a negative impact. Luka Doncic is one player the Jazz can’t let get hot. He is unstoppable when he gets going offensively and lights out when on the hardwood.

For the rest of the game, the Jazz were solid. With Mitchell rolling his ankle in the third quarter the Jazz did not do horrible. Mitchell did not check out of the ball game, but in my opinion, he was hurt and could not execute how we would normally see him.

The Mavericks’ offense was amazing the entire rest of the ball game. They all began to get hot beyond the arc and that is what no one wants in a game, especially if Doncic starts draining threes.

The Jazz fell below the Mavericks to the No. 5 spot in the Western Conference. I think they will end this season between the number four and six spots. The Jazz will beat the Clippers in their next game. The Clippers do not have Paul George or Kawhi Leonard, so the Jazz will need to take advantage of that. There are seven games left in the season.

Bounce Pass: Up Next

The Jazz will face the Los Angeles Clippers on March 29 at 8 p.m. MST.

Featured image courtesy AP Photo/LM Otero

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