Salt Lake Bees welcome Albuquerque Isotopes, win series 4-2

Salt Lake Bees welcome Albuquerque Isotopes, win series 4-2

The Salt Lake Bees hosted the Albuquerque Isotopes at Smith’s Ballpark from May 17th to May 22nd, winning the series 4-2.

It was an entertaining series with games coming down to the wire.

Game 1 – Bees 3-1

The Salt Lake Bees had good defense in their game one win over the Albuquerque Isotopes. It was a low-scoring battle with the Bees on top 3-1. The Isotopes were held to one run on four hits compared to the three runs on seven hits scored by the Bees.

To close out the game at the top of the ninth, Bees right-handed pitcher, Elvis Peguero was called to the mound with an ERA of 1.32. Elehuris Montero, third in the batting order and first baseman for the Isotopes, brought the count to 3-2 and lined out to second baseman Michael Stefanic. Scott Schebler, the designated hitter, struck out swinging after a 2-2 count. The Isotopes shortstop, Alan Trejo visited the mound striking out 0-3 to end the game.

Game 2 – Bees 8-0

The Bees set the tone in the first inning with three runs, though it could have been more. After running in Michael Strefanic, David MacKinnon, and Brendon Davis, the Bees had Kean Wong on second and Juan Lagares on first with one out.

Jake Gatewood, at-bat, took the first pitch, 1-0. The second pitch to home plate was down the center and hit foul. Another ball was taken, 2-1. A swinging strike left Gatewood 2-2. Gatewood hit the ball to the opposing second baseman on the fifth pitch for a double play to end the first inning.

The Albuquerque Isotopes would not be able to score in this game while the Bees would score in innings three (1), four (1), seven (1), and eight (2).

Game 3 – Isotopes 13-8

There was a barrage of hits all across the board for the Bees and Isotopes. They combined for a total of 29 hits in this game, in favor of the Isotopes with 17 hits.

Throughout the game, the Bees had to come from behind to take a lead. No matter the effort of the Bees, the Isotopes scored run after run.

The fifth inning was the only inning without a run scored by either team. There was no end of singles, doubles, triples, and home runs.

Game 4 – Bees 7-5

After an exciting eight innings at Smith’s Ballpark, the game was tied 5-5.

The Isotopes went through their lineup quickly going three up and down. Jo Adell caught a ball in the outfield for the first out. Jake Gatewood at shortstop threw a ground ball to first base for out number two. Jo Adell again caught a flyball in the outfield making it out number three.

With the chance of a walk-off win, the Bees got to work. Colby Fitch, the Bees catcher, came to the plate ready with two outs and a man on first base. On the first pitch, Fitch hit the ball flying to right field. It made it over the wall for a walk-off home run.

Game 5 – Isotopes 5-4

This was a quiet game for the Bees. They would not score until the eighth inning, scoring their only four runs, looking to stay competitive. The fans came alive seeing that their team had a chance for a comeback win.

In the bottom of the ninth, second baseman Jake Palomaki struck out swinging for the first out. Now at the top of the batting lineup, Dillon Thomas hit a double to left field. Albuquerque then took a mound visit to discuss their next move and it worked out well. Jo Adell sent the ball foul and high in the air. It was caught for the second out. After another mound visit, Matt Thaiss is walked 4-0. David MacKinnon came to the plate looking to tie the game with guys on first and second only to strike out on a foul tip.

It may not have been the comeback people were expecting, but it was a blast to watch.

Game 6 – Bees 8-1

To close out the series, the Bees were looking to win this game to make it 4-2.

The Salt Lake Bees top of the lineup between Michael Stefanic, Jo Adell, Dillon Thomas, and David MacKinnon is undeniably difficult to stop.

In the bottom of the seventh, Adell and Thomas were walked 4-1 and 4-2. Following that, MacKinnon, being a threat at-bat, was intentionally walked loading the bases. All three of them eventually ran safely through home plate.

Brief Overview

The Salt Lake Bees won the series 4-2. Each win puts them in a better position in their conference.

With the Las Vegas Aviators losing 5-4 to the Reno Aces on May 22nd, the Salt Lake Bees are now in first place in the Pacific Coast West Conference. They take a one-game lead over the Aviators.

The next step for the Bees is to lengthen their lead as they look to play the Sacramento River Cats starting May 24th.

Featured image courtesy Porter Marsh

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