Salt Lake Bees struggle at home, lose series 2-1 to Tacoma Rainiers

Salt Lake Bees struggle at home, lose series 2-1 to Tacoma Rainiers

The Salt Lake Bees lost their series against the Tacoma Rainiers 2-1. The Bees played at home from June 7th to the 9th

Minor league baseball teams play against their opponents usually six games at a time. There are occasions where there are three games at a time to get a variety of teams to compete against.

This was one of those weeks. The Salt Lake Bees’ were visited by the Tacoma Rainiers and have now played three series for a total of 15 games and know each other’s strategies well. The Bees record against the Rainiers was 8-4.

Game 1 – Bees 9-8

After a slow start to the game, the Bees scored at the bottom of the second inning with a whopping five runs. This came after the Rainiers scored one run in the first and four in the second. It gave the Bees a fighting chance to take the lead later in the game.

The Bees would follow their performance with another three runs in the fourth making the game 8-5.

At the top of the sixth, the Rainiers would fight back with a two-run home run from Marcus Wilson. The Bees would be able to hold their one-run lead to take game one.

Game 2 – Rainiers 13-6

During game two, the Tacoma Rainiers were relentless. In innings two and four, the Rainiers would outscore the Bees’ 9-6. It was a matter of consistency. The cherry on top was a grand slam by Scott Heineman, outfielder for the Rainiers.

The Bees played a well considering they gave up an early lead that would cost them. However, the Rainiers did what they had to do, play better than their opponent.

Game 3 – Rainiers 5-3

The Salt Lake Bees would fall behind in another early deficit down 5-0 after the third inning. The Bees have given up five+ runs in each game this week within the first three innings. The Rainiers have been active, while the Bees have been reactive.

The Rainiers brought a storm to the Bees to take the three-game series win. This makes the Salt Lake Bees’ overall record this season against the Tacoma Rainiers 10-5.

The Salt Lake Bees are entering a tailspin losing six of their last nine games, all of which have been at home. Something the Bees can improve upon is not accumulating errors. They need to be more focused on the field to make a bigger impact. They had seven errors in the last three games compared to only two by the Rainiers. While those errors did not result in giving away runs, it does show a lack of discipline and focus.

Next, the Salt Lake Bees are on the road next facing the Oklahoma City Dodgers from June 10th through 12th. They currently hold the best record in the Pacific Coast League.

It will be a challenge the Bees will have to take on to get better. A team can make its largest strides in times of adversity.

Feature image courtesy Daniel Olsen.

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