Stansbury Stallions dominate Payson Lions 11-1

Stansbury Stallions dominate Payson Lions 11-1

The Stansbury High Stallions won against the Payson High Lions 11-1 on June 27th at home. After the 5th inning, the mercy rule ended the game due to the Stallions being up 10 after the inning. This brings the Stallions to a 14-17 record and the Lions to a 12-13 record.

The Game

The first inning was quite eventful, with both teams scoring a single run just before the third out.

The next score did not come until the bottom of the second with loaded bases for Stansbury. A walk turned into a two-run score after the player on second dashed home. Two plays later, Stansbury scored again on a run home after a wild pitch.

At the bottom of the third, Stansbury had the bases loaded again, and had another walk which turned into another run. Not long after, they had an off-pitch turn into yet another score.

They then turned around and had a single hit first base, buying the runner just enough time to get there. While the batter had just enough time to make it to first, the player on third took the opportunity to sprint to home, scoring another run for the Stallions. The fourth inning finally ended on a caught outfield hit. No efforts of the Payson High Lions could stop the Stansbury High Stallions from charging through this game.

During the fourth inning, the Stallions struck again on another uncontrolled pitch scoring another run, followed by two more similar plays, ending the inning on a caught fly ball with a score of 9-1.

After another scoreless inning from the Lions, Stansbury took the field yet again for the fifth inning. The Stallions, with two outs, hit a single and once again scored a run. Another similar hit resulted in another run putting the Stallions ahead of Payson 11-1, enacting the mercy rule after five innings.

Neither coach was available for comment following the game.

Featured image via Tooele Transcript Bulletin

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