Interview with Stansbury Lineman Falanisi “Nisi” Vaka

Interview with Stansbury Lineman Falanisi “Nisi” Vaka

The Stansbury Stallions beat the Pine View Panthers 72-13 on August 12th. After the game, I talked to Falanisi “Nisi” Vaka about who he is, and what he saw from the field. Here’s what the Stallion’s big man told me:

How long have you been playing football?

“I’ve been playing football for the longest time,” Vaka said with some thought. “The funny thing is that I started at 6 with East.”

What caused you to become a Lineman?

“I love to be in the trenches and love being in the dog fights,” Vaka answered plainly.

How long have you been playing varsity?

“My first year was at Tooele,” Vaka began. “but this will be my second year at Stansbury.”

How do you feel about your individual performance last game?

“I did good,” Vaka started. “but I can do better… as Coach Alder said, ‘there’s always room for improvement.'”

How do you feel the team did last game?

“As a team, we had a heck of a run,” Vaka replied. “but we did also have some cracks that we can fix… it is the little things that matter that can make it better.”

Who stood out specifically last game?

“I would give it up to Xavier Gagnier,” Vaka said proudly. “for stepping up and ready for any cause that was coming his way.”

How do you feel about the team going forward?

“As I said it’s really all about fundamentals and who wants it more,” Vaka said. “… and is willing to sacrifice and give it all they got. But I do have confidence in our team.”

Vaka is very proud of the boys he plays with and believes them to have a higher potential. He wants the Stallions to improve every day, and make each game better than the last. The Stallions will return on August 19th at 7 PM against the Defending 4A Champions Ridgeline Riverhawks in Stansbury.

Photo credit Mark Watson

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