Interview with QB Chase Riggs from Timpanogos

Interview with QB Chase Riggs from Timpanogos

Chase Riggs is a Junior Quarterback at Timpanogos High School. Riggs took the time to talk about his road to becoming QB1 in an interview after the Timberwolves’ 41-25 win over Jordan. This is what he had to say:

How long have you been playing football?

“I have been playing tackle football since I was in fourth grade,” Riggs started. “I played flag before I started to tackle in probably the preschool age.”

How long have you been playing varsity for Timpanogos?

“My first time playing varsity was as a Freshman in [the] third game of the year,” Riggs said. “When the Junior QB ahead of me was struggling a little bit so they gave me a chance. I ended up starting the last two games of that year. Last year, as a Sophomore, I split even varsity reps with our senior QB for most of the year. I ended up as the starter in our playoff games against Box Elder and Springville.”

What made you want to play Quarterback?

“When I was younger,” Riggs began. “[I was] a pretty dominant pitcher in baseball, so I’ve always had a great arm. When I started playing football, I just could naturally throw it farther than the rest of the kids, so I just became the QB. I always have loved playing QB because I get to pick where the ball goes… a lot of the pressure of each play is put on me. My dad also played a little bit of quarterback, so he knew how to teach me well. Overall, it’s always been the most fun position… to play.”

How do you feel about your individual performance last game?

“I think I played a pretty good first half,” Riggs started. “having about 350 total yards and four TDs. I could’ve played a lot better to my abilities after watching the film. Getting a shoulder injury in the third quarter hurt my team and my performance a little bit. Luckily, my teammates stepped up and got the win. I think we have some of the best receivers in the state right now. They are what really makes me look good. Overall, a win is a win, and that’s what matters most in the long run.”

How do you feel the team did this game?

“I think the overall performance wasn’t as good as we can be,” Riggs answered honestly. “Lots of things we need to work on as a team in general. Our win was an ugly one. Jordan was a good team, but I think we didn’t play to our full potential. On our first three drives we went down and scored pretty easily, but after that, we really slowed down. We have all talked it through and watched the film and are fixing our mistakes. Our defense had a few great stops that were crucial. I think we have a great team this year and will start to prove to more people how good we can really be.”

Is the State Championship in the picture in your eyes?

“Oh, 100%! I think we have the potential this year to make it there. We lost a few seniors from last year, but we have a lot of guys with varsity experience on this team. Our first goal is to take the Region Title this year. But I for sure think we have the talent and coaching to make it to the finals. It’s all about how we put all the pieces together. As I said before, we have some of the best receivers in the state, and if I can get them the ball in the open field, they will get us there. I have no doubt in my mind this team could do it.

What are your thoughts on Stansbury and getting through them to the top?

“They have a really great team this year. Just like they did last year. Just like they did last year. It will be a tough game for us and a battle. I think this year will be a different outcome. We both have a lot of athletes and studs on both sides of the ball. I’m super excited about that game. It will be the game of the year for sure!”

What kind of interest from college are you receiving?

“Right now I have been in touch with a few schools. I’m hoping to get my name out there this year and get in touch with some more coaches.”

Riggs is excited about what his team can do this season. Timpanogos has a lot of talent and will certainly be challenging teams like Stansbury and Cedar Valley for the Region Title. Riggs and the Timberwolves will return to action on August 19th at Corona High School in Corona, California.

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