Interview with Hillcrest Quarterback Micah Madry

Interview with Hillcrest Quarterback Micah Madry

The Hillcrest Huskies had a disappointing 3-0 loss to the Carbon Dinos on August 12th. Micah Madry, the Husky’s Quarterback, had time to discuss himself and his team. The Hillcrest Quarterback had this to say about his team:

How long have you been playing football?

“I’ve been playing football since I was like, eight years old,” Madry said.

What caused you to become a Quarterback?

“My mom only wanted me to play football if I wasn’t getting hit,” Madry started. “So she only let me play that, but I just kind of stuck with it.”

How long have you been playing varsity for Hillcrest?

“This is my second year,” Madry said proudly.

How do you feel about your individual performance last game?

“I think it wasn’t an amazing game,” Madry began. “Because obviously, we lost, I think it was pretty good by my standards. I don’t think I made a lot of mistakes.”

How did the rest of the team do?

“I think it was the first game jitters,” Madry stated. “Because we have a lot of guys in their first year playing varsity, but I think that they took that close loss, accepted it, don’t want to feel that way again. There just getting better and ready to move on.”

So should we expect to see you guys bounce back against Viewmont?

“Yeah, I think we’ll bounce back nicely next game,” Madry said hopefully. “Whether it be a scoring war… I think we can win.”

How do you feel about the team going forward this year?

“I’d say obviously there’s going to be some growing pains,” Madry said. “Just because, again, we’re a young team, but I think we can shock some people. We were picked to finish last in Region 7, but I don’t think that’s gonna happen… [We could beat] Mountain View, Uintah, Tooele, Payson schools like that.”

Do you have any college interests right now?

“I have some small interests,” Madry replied. “Obviously Utah, BYU, but I went up to Montana State, Montana, San Diego State is interested. I know that Harvard is interested.”

Madry is very excited to see how his team does this season. The Huskies quarterback is quite hopeful for his young team. Madry and the Huskies will return to action on Friday, August 19th at 7 PM at Viewmont in Bountiful.

Photo credit Micah Madry

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