Interview with Swiss army knife Dylan Hamilton of Stansbury

Interview with Swiss army knife Dylan Hamilton of Stansbury

Do-it-all Dylan Hamilton has been having a great season for the Stansbury Stallions so far, to say the least. He averages just over 100 receiving yards per game and 180 all-purpose yards when factoring in kickoff and punt returns. He has seven receiving touchdowns, one on the ground, and three interceptions. I had the opportunity to talk with Hamilton about his football career, and how he feels about his team. Here is what was on his mind:

How long have you been playing football?

“10 years,” Hamilton said. “Since I was eight.”

What’s your natural position?

“I usually go everywhere,” Hamilton said. “But the main position I play is Slot Receiver.”

What caused you to play Slot Receiver?

“To be honest,” Hamilton said. “I started out as Running Back for the first two years, and then I got switched. I didn’t necessarily want to, [but] I was totally fine with it, ’cause I’ve always been wherever the coach put me into the game, but they just said, ‘Hey, do you want to go [play] slot?’ and I said, ‘Okay, that’s fine with me.’ I’ve actually been really lucky with how it turned out.”

How long have you been playing varsity?

“I’ve been starting for two years,” Hamilton said. ” I dressed for three.”

How do you feel about your individual performance against Hillcrest?

“I feel like it was pretty good,” Hamilton said. “The main thing is watching the film. You get to see their defense, and what kind of defense they do. It makes it much easier.”

How do you feel about the team as a whole?

“This team is championship-worthy,” Hamilton said. “That’s what I see. I think this is the best team Stansbury’s had in a long time. We’re State Championship contenders, I think.”

Do you think that you can beat teams like Lehi and Timpview?

“I think if we prepare really well,” Hamilton said. “Because there are teams that are not to be taken lightly. Lehi just beat Corner Canyon a week ago. That’s pretty big for them. Last year, I think we were able to compete pretty well, so I think if we watch the films, and we just prepare really seriously throughout the season, I think we have a shot at that.”

How do you feel heading into the Cross-town rivalry this week?

“Well I feel pretty good about it,” Hamilton said. “I think we’re able to shut down the offense, that’s for sure. I think it’ll be a good experience. There are always good vibes going into Rivalry week, so I think it’ll be a fun time. We got [Mateaki] Helu, and he was [used to be] on Tooele, so it’ll be good.”

Do you have any colleges looking at you?

“No,” Hamilton said. “Not that I know of.”

Dylan Hamilton believes his team is going to contend in the playoffs. Stansbury is certainly a powerhouse in the football game and is looking to dethrone Lehi. But before they get too far ahead of themselves the Stallions will have to make it through their cross-town rivals, the Tooele Buffaloes on Friday, September 16th at 7 PM in Tooele.

Image Credit Spenser Heaps, Deseret News

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