Clearfield Falcons Hudson Dugger and Brock Harmston leading culture change

Clearfield Falcons Hudson Dugger and Brock Harmston leading culture change

Despite their record, the Clearfield Falcons football team continues to play their hearts out every
the game was led by senior center Brock Harmston and senior defensive back Hudson Dugger.
The effort this team shows on the field is something they will always look back on and know this was
the start of a new culture at Clearfield. The Falcons are looking for stability under first-year head coach Carl Harry. Harmston and Dugger are the building blocks to start that stability, and both are having fine

Brock Harmston

Harmston is a 2-year starter and has an ideal size of 6′ 1″ and 270 pounds and has been the anchor of the Falcon’s offensive line. During challenging seasons, a team always must look to leaders to keep the team
motivated to play their best. “Positivity,” said Harmston. “I love how all the guys keep their heads up
and keep going.” Harmston can be seen directing and calling out the keys for the offensive lineman
to know who to block before a play starts. “Communication is most important, “said Harmston.
“Letting your teammates know what will happen and how to adjust when it happens.”

Harmston has patterned his commitment to the team and his improvement as a player to Brandon
Burlsworth is a former Arkansas walk-on offensive lineman who was featured in the movie “Greater”.
Harmston plans to attend college after high school and would love the opportunity to continue to
play football at the next level.

Hudson Dugger

Dugger has played on varsity for 3 years and is a team leader in tackles and enjoys the team
chemistry when it comes to playing style. “Making lifelong friendships,” said Dugger. “That can
extend well beyond the game.” Dugger plays with his younger brother, sophomore Canyon Dugger, and
this had been a big goal for the brothers to play varsity together. Dugger made a spectacular catch
against Bear River as a junior that marks one of his most memorable moments on the field.
Hudson Dugger highlights – Hudl

Effort and energy are always on full display whenever the Falcons take the field, no matter the
opponent or the score. “The player I have seen the most improvement is Jaxon Vincent,” said
Dugger. “He has only played for two years and gets better every week.” “Even though our team has
been struggling, he has been at the top of the leaders for interceptions this year.” Dugger plans to
attend college and focus on obtaining a business management degree after high school.

New Culture

The Falcons keep bringing energy and passion to every game and the support from the coaches,
parents, and students is a major reason why this team will be successful beyond the wins and losses.
The positive culture of determination, hard work, and being a great teammate is being put in place
by Harmston, Dugger, and the entire Falcon senior class.

The Falcons remaining games include road games at the Brighton Bengals and Davis Darts to close
out the regular season.

photo of Hudson Dugger and Brock Harmston by James Tate

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