Interview with Timpanogos senior Logan Wheeler

Interview with Timpanogos senior Logan Wheeler

Logan Wheeler is a senior at Timpanogos, who normally plays Tight End, but had to switch to lineman at the beginning of the season to help out his team. Wheeler is a big team player and made the best out of his situation. Before his team’s loss to Park City in the playoffs, I was able to talk to Wheeler about him and the Timberwolves. Here is what he had to say:

How long have you been playing football?

“Since eighth grade,” Wheeler said.

Why did you choose Tight End?

“I feel like a lot of my favorite players have been Tight Ends,” Wheeler said. “and I feel like all of us have our idols and who we play like, so I think I just wanted to be like them.”

Why did you switch positions?

“The team really needed me to step up and help out on the line,” Wheeler said. “They know I can block so it really just fits out. This is a team sport so I wanted to put the team first.”

How long have you been playing varsity?

“This is my first real year of starting varsity,” Wheeler said. “Every other year has been late game time.”

How do you feel about your individual performance this season?

“I feel like from this year I’ve been able to do a lot,” Wheeler said. “From first varsity touchdown to getting a pancake on the line. Because of that, I feel like I did pretty good.”

How do you feel about the team’s performance throughout the season?

“I feel like this is such a good Timpanogos team and we’ve won some key games,” Wheeler said. ” I think that we have some dawgs on our team that really step up when we need them to.”

Who really stood out this season?

“I think the whole team’s rally stood out,” Wheeler said. “I feel like, yes, we have some really key players, but this is a team sport, so without each other, we wouldn’t be where we are.”

Do you have any collegiate-level teams that you’re looking into or are looking into you?

“I have a couple of schools definitely in mind where I’d like to go,” Wheeler said. “But as of right now, all doors are open and no offers yet.”

As you can tell, Wheeler is a big team player. This season was his last playing high school football, but I’m sure the memories will last a lifetime. If Wheeler does not receive an offer, he will continue on to college, possibly walking onto a team.

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