Utah Jazz vs Milwaukee Bucks Recap

Utah Jazz vs Milwaukee Bucks Recap

by Alma Bean

Feature Image: Photo by Morry Gash of AP Photo.

The Utah Jazz (17-14) takes on the Milwaukee Bucks (20-8) in their first game in their three-game Jazz reunion road trip.

Champs With No Champ?

Though this road trip can be seen as a reunions tour, former Utah Jazz forward Joe Ingles is not slated to make his return from his ACL injury till Monday. With Milwaukee being without Giannis Antetokounmpo, Utah had a route to start off hot. Utah’s response was shooting 8/23 (34.8%) with 2/9 (22.2%) within the arc. Milwaukee managed to shoot 11/18 (61.1%) while struggling from deep going 1/8 (12.5%). Bobby Portis (22/14/1) was a big contributor to how Milwaukee started accounting for 15 of Milwaukee’s 27 points on 6/10 (60%) shooting from the field. With threes keeping Utah within striking distance, they finished the first quarter trailing 27-22.

Utah Jazz on Twitter: “KO with a little do-si-do 🀠 #TakeNote | @KellyOlynyk https://t.co/NmxPOzrl7N” / Twitter

The second quarter seemed to be a game of call and response. Both teams shot 6/11 (54.5%) within the perimeter and shot just under 50 percent from beyond. Malik Beasley (18 points and 3 rebounds) was Utah’s anchor from deep in the quarter going 3/4 (75%) with his only points for the quarter. With Jrue Holiday (21/4/8) starting off the game with a cold 0-5 start, he came into the second quarter ready to score getting 10 points on 4/8 (50%) shooting. With Utah’s inability to rebound, being outrebounded 32 to 16 at the half, Utah trailed 56-47.

Utah Jazz on Twitter: “they’ve got that Walker/Walker vision πŸ‘“ #TakeNote https://t.co/Z2z2eeV689” / Twitter

At Least You Tried

The third quarter was the highest-scoring quarter for either team. Felt as if Utah couldn’t miss within the perimeter as they went 8/9 (88.9%) followed by shooting 6/10 (60%) from beyond. Both teams were hit with some injury news during the third quarter as well. Utah was hit with a scare as Kelly Olynyk (12/1/2) left the game with an ankle injury. Milwaukee had an injury at the guard position with Grayson Allen (13/4/4) with a sprained finger on his left hand. Allen’s return was set at probable while Olynyk did also return to the bench after heading to the back. Even playing a lights-out quarter from Utah, Utah managed to match Milwaukee point-for-point at 36 points leaving Utah behind 92-83.

Utah Jazz on Twitter: “No 𝔽𝔼𝔸ℝ πŸ’₯ #TakeNote | @MarkkanenLauri https://t.co/vu1CWSi3eD” / Twitter

The fourth quarter showed promise in the paint offensively for Utah. Shooting 7/10 (70%) within the perimeter, Utah’s numbers did not match for outside the perimeter. Utah managed to go the entirety of the fourth quarter without a perimeter shot being made while shooting 0/12 (0%). Milwaukee responded by going 7/11 (63.6%) from beyond the perimeter. Once the game got to a 17-point differential, Utah coach Will Hardy started saving the starters and rotational players by subbing in guys like Talen Horton-Tucker (4/3/2) and Ochai Agbaji (4/1/1). This looked to be a huge white flag being waved to Utah as they were unable to make the comeback happen to lose 123-97.

Utah Jazz on Twitter: “what SZA said https://t.co/K5RKioxr3X” / Twitter

What’s Next?

Utah will continue their road trip as they go to face Donovan Mitchell and the Cleveland Cavaliers on Monday night.

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