Katelynn Butler: Weber Lady Warriors star is a winner on and off the court

Katelynn Butler: Weber Lady Warriors star is a winner on and off the court

by James Tate

Butler shines bright

After each Warrior victory, the “W” is lit and shines bright, showing everyone that a victory has been accomplished. The “W” was not lit as much as the Warrior’s senior point guard Katelynn Butler wanted this season, but she has been a bright spot on this Warrior team. The Warriors team finished the season with a 5-17 overall record, but Butler always brought her positive winning attitude to every game.

Recovery from concussion

Butler suffered a concussion during the last game of her junior season. Recovery took Butler away from competition on the court for a few months, but she was able to work on other aspects of her game. “I did a lot of reaction training and exercises,” said Butler. “Which have helped me improve my defense and get more deflections this season.” “I dribbled and shot around a bit when I could,” said Butler. “And I knew I wanted to come into senior season swinging hard and writing a different story for how this season would end for me.” Butler’s injury and recovery would be long and challenging and undoubtedly made her stronger mentally coming into the season.

Butler’s improved overall game

Butler entered the 2023 season as the Lady Warrior’s returning leader in scoring, assists, steals, and blocks. A gifted ball handler and excellent instincts when on defense, Butler brings toughness to the court for the Warriors. Butler blocked 21 shots as a junior, then an incredible 64 blocks this season, including a game-high 11 blocks against Tooele Buffaloes. “Most of my blocks come from being in help-side defense or transition defense,” said Butler. “I always want to be in a position to help my teammates if they get beat, and they always trust me to be there for them.”

The Tooele game will always be memorable for Butler, not only for the 11 blocks, but the Warriors won 45-29. In addition to her 11 blocks, Butler scored 11 points. “That game showed me I can do more than I think I can,” said Butler. “And I just have to keep working and improving my game.”

Bright future for Butler and Lady Warriors

Butler has the talent and skill to be a next-level player. She is 6′ with great length and incredible instincts. I plan to play college basketball after high school,” said Butler. “I am still determining where, but I’m excited to play at the next level and keep developing as a player.”

Butler also shares that the future is bright for her teammates, that will come back next season for the Lady Warriors. “Weber has been a really young team for a couple of years,” said Butler. “And a lot of players have put in work and development.” “Quite a few extraordinary players are coming up for Weber.”

photos courtesy of the Butler Family

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