Utah Jazz All-Decade Golden Eggs

The Utah Jazz don’t often play on Easter and when they do it’s either on the road or a mandatory playoff game. The Miller Family has worked with the NBA to limit Sunday home games to only the mandatory ones in the playoffs since many of their fan base believes in resting on Sunday for … Continue reading Utah Jazz All-Decade Golden Eggs

Utah March Madness: 4 Spida vs 13 D-Fave

4 Donovan Mitchell (SPIDA): NBA Per Game Stats: 22.7 points, 4.1 rebounds, 4 assists NBA Career Stats: 4970 points, 877 assists, 888 rebounds Awards: NBA Slam Dunk Contest Champion (2018) NBA All-Rookie First Team (2018) Players Union Rookie of the Year (2018) NBA All-Star (2020) Why vote for him? Vote for Donovan if you're a … Continue reading Utah March Madness: 4 Spida vs 13 D-Fave

Remembering Derrick Favors

Derrick Favors recently had a chance to reunite with his former Jazz teammates when the New Orleans Pelicans hosted the Utah Jazz in a preseason game. There was plenty of love to go around on the team social media page and among his former teammates. Why is he such a beloved Jazz man? With every … Continue reading Remembering Derrick Favors

Bringing the Band back Together

Could the Utah Jazz Reunion Tour be bigger than Bruce Springsteen and theE Street Band was at the turn of the millennium? One need only look at the recent success of the Salt Lake City based NBA team to find out. The Jazz have now advanced to the second round for the second time time … Continue reading Bringing the Band back Together

Jazz Attire

Many Jazz fans love to strut their stuff in Jazz attire. The local Fanzz sports gear store sells collegiate and professional team attire all across the state. While some college attire appears more often in their respective college towns, the Jazz are the one team that shows up in all stores throughout the state. With … Continue reading Jazz Attire