Too Little Too Late? MLB announces playoff bubbles

by Hannah Begay | By some miracle Major League Baseball has almost made it to the playoffs. After numerous COVID-19 scares where baseball was sure to end, they persevered and made it. Now for the playoffs, MLB is doing a bubble similar to what has been seen in the NBA. The NBA bubble, as we … Continue reading Too Little Too Late? MLB announces playoff bubbles

Breaking Down the New MLB Playoff Format

by Hannah Begay | As we know, the regular MLB season has been shortened to a mere 60 games. The playoffs will now feature more games. Commissioner Rob Manfred introduced the new playoff scheme agreed upon by the players and owners. The playoff season will feature 16 teams allowing for an additional six teams this … Continue reading Breaking Down the New MLB Playoff Format

Can the Jazz become the Comeback Kids?

By: Daniel Olsen January 14, 2019 (Featured photo courtesy of KUTV) Before this week the Jazz didn't have any double digit halftime comeback wins. They now have two in the last 10 days. What does this mean? Are the Jazz the new Comeback Kids or does this mean nothing? The answer is yes. Analytics support … Continue reading Can the Jazz become the Comeback Kids?

Jazz season Recap

There were a lot of first times for many players on the Jazz roster. First playoff berth. First playoff series win. First time sporting a new hairdo. While some Jazz fans with high standards focus on the fact that these Jazz haven't accomplished what Stockton and Malone did, it's time to recap what the Jazz … Continue reading Jazz season Recap

Jazz future still bright after Game 3 Loss to Warriors

The Jazz have swung three times and struck out. They may have not lead at all in the first two games in Oakland in this series. Game 3 was a different story. The Jazz took a one point lead before half and played a close game until the last 4 minutes to the delight of … Continue reading Jazz future still bright after Game 3 Loss to Warriors

Even Steven

An eye for an eye. A tooth for a tooth. That was the law in Biblical times but in the days of Utah Jazz playoff basketball it is "a big for a big". Rudy Gobert has been injured for the first three games of the first round matchup against the Los Angeles Clippers. Now star … Continue reading Even Steven

Gobert or Go Home?

While kids everywhere were in sugar comas from eating Easter candy from all the eggs they put in their Easter egg hunt basket, Joe Johnson was furiously trying to put an egg of his own into a basket. The egg happened to be named Spalding. Spalding made it safely into his basket before time expired. … Continue reading Gobert or Go Home?

Win or Go Home

The Jazz have already clinched a Northwest division title and 50 wins. But how will a team that hasn't had home court advantage in the first round since 2001 overcome the veterans on the Los Angeles Clippers? The Jazz have gone through a series of droughts. They haven't won their division since 2008. They haven't … Continue reading Win or Go Home

Health Matters

The Jazz are only a game ahead of the Clippers for the fourth and final home court advantage playoff seed in the West. With players like Hayward hurting with minor injuries it seems like this young team will follow suit of the other great NBA teams and give rest to their players who are hurting. … Continue reading Health Matters

Matchup Mania

Who will guard Russell Westbrook if the Jazz play the Thunder? Who will score inside against Z-Bo and Gasol if the Jazz play the Grizzlies? And should Gordon Hayward really "Fear the Beard" if he has to lead his young squad against James Harden and the Houston Rockets? These are the questions Jazz fans want … Continue reading Matchup Mania